A First for Us

2007 was a year of certain economic downturn – not necessarily the best time to establish a business.  Alas, we pushed forward and, today, we’re certainly proud of the accomplishments we’ve made in building our little nest around workplace experience, cloud transformation, and work-life balance.  However, it wasn’t just us.  Along the way, we happened to stumble across all the extremely important people that helped us get here.

In 2009, we were introduced to Mike, a co-op student nearing the end of his term at a Toronto insurance firm.  Mike would represent our first hire at Third Octet (outside of family).  10 years later, he’s still with us and, today, we celebrated his achievements at Third Octet with a promotion to Solutions Architect and a finely aged 10-year old single malt whisky.

Congratulations Mike (on left) and thank you for the many years of hard work, dedication, and painfully overheated office spaces.

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