Citrix PaaS – No Assembly Required

Learn why now is an ideal time to transition to Citrix Cloud services.

Originally held on May 27th, 2021 and now available on-demand, join our CEO, Matthew Metelsky, alongside colleagues from Citrix, including Marc Monday, Managing Director Global GTM; Matt Crawford, Director Product Marketing; and Ani Takle, Senior Principal Strategic Advisory, as they explore:

  • a brief overview of who, what, and why Third Octet exists;
  • lessons and learnings of yesteryear, including the amazing work IT did to unlock remote work during a chaotic period, why employee experience is more than just technology, and why positive changes to the future of work are grounded in employee wellbeing;
  • pizza and cloud parallels, of course;
  • what is Citrix Cloud and how hybrid work can be made simpler with Citrix Workspace; and
  • how business can unlock immense value from transitioning to Citrix Cloud services.

Almost every attendee was fortunate to receive a complimentary 4-stack of pizza from General Assembly pizza.  As a next step, we suggested a Readiness Assessment, a 5-day exercise, where Third Octet works alongside your team to identify ideal use cases and potential roadblocks that may inhibit successful Citrix Cloud service transition.  If you are interested in learning more, and still having a chance at a complimentary 4-stack of General Assembly pizza, please contact us with the form below.

PS. We are in IT, not audio/video production.  We felt it authentic to maintain the original live experience with the on-demand version.  Enjoy our stumble.

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