It is hard to move to the Cloud when you are tied to the ground.

If you can’t get your business off the ground when it comes to cloud, then the term doesn’t really make sense, does it? At Third Octet, our cloud as a service (CaaS) solution is optimized to provide the most scalable, secure, and effective alternative for your company, personalized to suit even the most exacting migration needs. Fully managed by fully experienced professionals, this turnkey solution is anything but a gamble; optimizations are informed and data-driven, and we ensure a faster, more stable deployment that is sensibly handled.

Enterprise-Grade Solutions without Enterprise Cost

Taking the guesswork out of cloud integration helps to drive down labour and resource diversions, helping you better allocate spend and invest in opportunities for growth. At the same time, as hybrid cloud alternatives are not suited for every business type, we have optimized our CaaS offerings to deliver the best possible value-to-performance ratio, balanced and effective. This winning combination ensures a more adaptable, agile workforce in addition to considerable long-term cost savings. Whether deploying remote workers or automating procurement processes, Third Octet’s approach is to make smarter improvements conducive to smarter operations. Subscribing to our services also provides ongoing cost optimization, ideal for governing your cloud budget.

Direct Access to Expert Support

Our approach, utilizing technologies from trusted and capable providers via their state-of-the-art data centers, mitigates any operational risk while lowering costs to the extent that managing a proprietary cloud stack never could. You get to focus on the end-user experience, and we get to focus on keeping everything running smoothly. This also translates to faster, more effective and informed service ticket fulfillment, available via our dedicated online help desk.

Deployment When and Where You Need it

Switching to fully remote operations and need to ensure you have a stable, flexible cloud framework in place with ample software features and support? Or, are you unsure how a cloud migration will affect your current business strategy and think a hybrid approach would work best? We can accommodate for this and more, shaping our CaaS capabilities around what works best for your team. Third Octet has been the provider of choice for legal, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and even not-for-profit environments. From streamlined purchase order requisitioning to more secure data backups, your deployment is designed to accommodate a wide variety of suitable applications.

Whether you’re interested in a full or hybrid cloud integration, our team is happy to help.
Contact us today to get started.

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