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Get Comprehensive Security and Reliable Access to Apps, Anywhere from Any Device with Citrix Secure Access Service Edge

With the adoption of hybrid cloud and the rise in remote work, traditional connectivity models like VPN and MPLS are no longer meeting performance and security requirements. Distributed employees
need reliable access to their apps, yet disparate networking and security infrastructure makes it hard for IT to meet expectations.  Traditionally MPLS has been the primary mode of connectivity for the data-centric model because it provides predictable performance. However, MPLS can be expensive especially if you have idle backup links.  Adopting direct internet access (DIA) allows users to connect faster to cloud applications, but also requires edge computing services, local access points, and centralized policy management for this new access paradigm. To become more agile, businesses need a new, more modern architecture that simplifies complexity, mitigates security threats, and delivers a better user experience.

Citrix Secure Internet Access

Citrix Secure Internet Access (SIA) offers comprehensive, cloud-delivered security services for direct internet access. It includes Secure Web Gateway, Firewall-as-a-Service, and Cloud Access Security Brokers, Data Loss Prevention, and Sandboxing functionality. Globally distributed across 100+ points of presence (PoP), with each PoP consistently offering all services, SIA protects employees with a full security stack, regardless of their location. The service includes:

Secure Web Gateways (SWG) are enterprise security solutions intended to protect users from web-based cyber threats. They provide the following capabilities:

  • URL filtering – Allows or blocks website access by comparing requested URLs with a filtering database that’s defined per organizational policy.
  • Anti-malware protection – Inspects encrypted and unencrypted web content to identify and block all threats.
  • Application control – Offers visibility into applications being accessed and allows granular control to ensure security and compliance.

Firewall-as-a-Service act as gatekeepers or filters between the enterprise network and the Internet, by offering bidirectional (ingress and egress) controls to only allow trusted, secure traffic to pass through.

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) help monitor, secure and manage access to sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS applications.

Data Loss Prevention ensures sensitive data is not lost, exfiltrated or accessed by unauthorized users, e.g., safeguard customer credit card numbers, social security numbers.

Sandboxing safely executes suspicious code in an isolated environment, e.g., run a suspected zero-day threat code in a sandbox.

Converging Network and Security for a Consistent Workspace Experience: Bringing networking and security together at the edge gives businesses the opportunity to simplify their workspace delivery. As a result, a new trend has emerged that brings SD-WAN and security together as a unified cloud-delivered solution. The secure access service edge (SASE) architecture converges comprehensive networking and cloud-delivered security capabilities, in a single-pass architecture with unified management, to:

  • Make IT operations more agile through consolidation of fragmented solutions that are complex to manage, limit elasticity and scale, and impede IT agility. In fact, McKinsey states Agility has the potential to improve the customer experience by up to 30 percent and can lead to a potential 20 to 30 percent improvement in employee engagement.
  • Empower remote workers by reducing latency due to inefficiencies in inspection and processing of traffic.
  • Ensure network reliability by intelligently steering traffic with network outage protection for a consistent experience.
  • Employ policy definition and enforcement consistency for all employees, regardless of location or device to ensure security and preserve the employee experience.

Citrix Secure Access Service Edge

Citrix Secure Access combines Citrix SD-WAN with Citrix Secure Internet Access (SIA), Citrix Secure Workspace Access (SWA), and Citrix SD-WAN for a fully integrated secure access service edge (SASE)
solution. It allows users anywhere to securely access any virtual, web, or SaaS app, from any personal or corporate device. All users can securely access applications sanctioned within the Citrix Workspace
and unsanctioned SaaS and web applications to ensure a secure and consistent experience, regardless of employee location.

  • Citrix Secure Internet Access (SIA) offers comprehensive, cloud-delivered security services. This includes Secure Web Gateway, Next-Generation Firewall and Cloud Access Security functionality.
  • Secure Workspace Access (SWA) provides identity aware, zero trust access for all corporate-sanctioned applications within Citrix Workspace.
  • Citrix SD-WAN is a next-generation WAN edge solution delivering secure, automated, reliable connectivity to improve performance of SaaS, cloud, and virtual applications and desktops. It reduces
    network complexity, centralizes orchestration and monitoring, and speeds cloud and on-premises connectivity to applications for users in branches or working from home.

Citrix Secure Access Service Edge

Next Steps

Re-evaluate your current systems and tools to find new, more cost-effective and consolidated IT models that meet performance expectations. To deliver an exceptional employee experience and security without compromise, look for a single vendor with the most comprehensive SASE framework that allows you to:

  • Remain protected from zero-day and recently discovered threats through automated security updates
  • Empower remote workers with an architecture that offers the fastest, most reliable experience with comprehensive security
  • Enhance the Citrix Workspace and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops security posture with Citrix SIA and Citrix SWA
  • Ensure consistent policy definitions and enforcement for governance and compliance assurance
  • Eliminate IT silos with by creating policies for both SDWAN and security with a unified interface.

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