Enabling Secure, Uninterrupted Productivity with Citrix and IGEL

Business Continuity is a Top IT Priority.  Find Out How to Increase Your Readiness and Security.

Your Readiness and Security

In 2019, 75% of organizations who had business continuity plans (BCP) invoked them at least once in the preceding 5 years. And 64% did it more than once. While the current pandemic has increased this number and is the current focus of BCP, there are many more common events for which to be prepared.

A Winning Combination: IGEL OS and Citrix Workspace

Citrix and IGEL provide the solution. Citrix offers the most robust intelligent workspace and IGEL’s edge OS is the only operating system purpose-built for cloud workspaces. Together they ensure that your business continuity plan is simple, smart, and secure.

Learn How to Accelerate Your Cloud Workspace Adoption

Utilization of cloud workspaces can be adopted at a faster rate with IGEL and Citrix working together along with Windows Virtual Desktop. Users can trust that their experience with being efficient and secure from any device they choose to utilize.

Attend this webinar and we’ll explore how…

  • Citrix Cloud is built for hybrid multi-cloud support making integration with Azure WVD simple, while enabling additional features for the modern workforce.
  • Your existing Microsoft licensing could enable you to deploy VDI workloads in Azure WVD at a lower cost while extending the life Windows 7 and 2008 R2.
  •  IGEL is powering the next generation of edge operating systems with the software defined endpoints.

We will take a tour of the Citrix Cloud + Microsoft Azure WVD + IGEL solution.

WHERE?  Virtual, of course.
WHEN?  May 21st, 12pm EST

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