How can Citrix and IGEL help streamline workflows and enhance security?

  • Provide the rich, productive user experience your workforce expects on any compatibale device from any location. Citrix Workspace makes it easy for people to find everything they need.  Every app, desktop, and file — all together in one place, regardless of where they are stored, orchestrated by Citrix Cloud services.
  • Citrix Workspace and IGEL OS enable high-fidelity unified communications, optimized for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. IGEL OS supports offloading much of the multimedia processing to the local operating system, while running critical real-time communications components on the device.
  • Citrix in the cloud and modular, read-only IGEL OS at the endpoint with IGEL’s “chain of trust” help boost end-to-end security. Built-in enterprise-level security enables the IT admin to monitor every workspace in real-time and automatically push security updates helping to mitigate fraudulent access and breeches.
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