How do I get started with Digital Workspaces?

The transition to digital workplaces has been gaining momentum in the past few years, yet some businesses continue to resist it. This is usually because they don’t know where or how start; but with these five steps you can set your organization off on an exciting new journey:

Develop a strategy and clear vision. Decide on specific objectives you want to accomplish and consider how digitalization aligns with wider company goals; how will the transformation benefit employees, stakeholders, and customers and create a roadmap with achievable goals.

Get buy-in from stakeholders. Meet with department leaders to discuss how the new platform will look while discussing roles and responsibilities, including governance of the platform, how existing technology will be integrated, and expected ROI.

Create a framework for governance. An effective governance model establishes clarity around rules and the roles of contributors at all levels, which should include policy, guidelines, and standards.

Prepare for implementation and measurement of success. Plan how services and applications will be rolled out for each department and the company-wide impact expected and measure goals to track success.

Communicate your digital transformation. Explain the purpose of the transformation to employees and develop a training program. Gather employee feedback for and against change and build a successful launch by sending out reminders and teasers about the new platform.

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