How do I get started in Cloud?

When you first learned how to ride a bicycle, did you start on the top of an extremely steep hill? No.  When you first learned how to skate on ice, was it with a stick and puck? Probably not.  When you cooked your first meal, was it worthy of an Instagram post?  Maybe (but likely not for Michelin stars).  In life, we apply guardrails to make the learning experience enjoyable and less daunting. When taking those first steps on a journey, fear of the unknown hampers our judgement and creates apprehension about moving fast. Guardrails keep us on track toward mastering something new without getting too overwhelmed or discouraged by failure. With Cloud, the approach and experience should be no different.  Move at a comfortable and controllable pace, only adjusting the guardrails once familiarity and apprehension ease.

Start small with Cloud.  Extend identity and authentication to Cloud.  Augment IT administration with Cloud services.  Replicate data and workloads to Cloud for continuity.  Build non-production workloads in Cloud.

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