What is a Digital Workspace?

The rise of hybrid work models, or strategic work flexibility, is a testament to the changing demands the modern workforce is placing on business leadership. We are being challenged to drive accommodation, flexibility, and to be innovative in defining how technology and process can match with people and their desired work styles.  Yet in their quest to design a more accommodating platform, businesses and IT end up providing a fragmented experience by delivering services differently in-office versus out-of-office or by application and service. This not only creates a poor experience for our users but also increases the burden placed on IT to manage disparate approaches. That is not work-life balance. 

Digital Workspaces address fragmentation in service delivery regardless of where workloads are hosted, how skilled IT is, or where our employees are located and focus on delivering the best possible employee experience at all times.  Digital Workspaces bring together and manage all applications, desktops and data within a single interface and allow employees to access anything, from anywhere, and across any device. 

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