What services does Third Octet offer to help?

As experts in digital workspace solutions, our Workspace Craft practice defines the appropriate technology strategy and investments aligned to user personas and business needs for driving increases in positive employee experience. We thrive with initiatives across Citrix, Microsoft and AWS solutions as well as complimenting IGEL & Lenovo offerings while maintaining a holistic view of Digital Workspace success. Our service offerings include:

Conceptual Implementations.  Demonstrating the viability of a technology solution is best addressed through well-defined success criteria and a controlled environment.  Led by qualified engineers, technology solutions are implemented to prove out how potential strategy could meet technical and business requirements.

Workspace Assessments.  Whether you have an existing Digital Workspace strategy in place or not, your existing infrastructure may not be fully prepared to unlock complete potential in a Digital Workspace approach.  Our engineers and architects peel back the layers of your existing infrastructure to identify gaps and provide recommendations to revitalize current and future investments.

Cloud Readiness.  As an on-premises Digital Workspace strategist, you have likely considered Cloud as the logical next step.  Before you start, our team identifies the path of least resistance to incorporate Cloud into the existing Digital Workspace strategy.

Workspace Design and Deployment Services.  We start with the user experience first.  Our design efforts are holistic and meticulous, focusing not only on the immediate use case but use cases that remain uncovered, and mirror technology design to a people-first mentality.  We keep it simple and drive positive experiences across all business units and build to exceed these requirements.

Workspace Collaborative Services.  If your team is not quite ready to lead the charge on day-to-day management or, perhaps, you want the reassurance of expert support, we have your back.  Our Collaborative Services extends your team to broad expertise covering multiple platforms with proactive and reactive support and guidance.

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