Where can Third Octet help?

We believe traditional data center architectures evolve to include public cloud capabilities, becoming an extension of your service delivery efforts, not a displacement approach. Our ability to evolve platforms involves a deep understanding of transitioning what makes sense and ensuring the benefits of public cloud remain advantageous for the business – not only to support agility for the future of work, but to keep costs under control. This is also why we believe platform evolution is an infinite journey – as initial transitions prove successful, abilities to continue modernization across services can begin.

Our service offerings for Cloud include:

Cloud Readiness Assessment.  A 30-45 day technical and business exercise to identify workloads to rehost, replatform, refactor, or retire in a transition to Cloud; associated and ongoing consumption costs of Cloud computing; and a roadmap of readiness and timeline for Cloud transition.

Cloud Transition Services.  Scoped and project-based professional services to implement, orchestrate and transition services to Infrastructure- and Platform-as-a-Service across one, or more, hyperscale Cloud platforms.

Collaborative Services for Cloud.  Ongoing proactive and reactive Cloud managed services to augment existing skillsets and provide expert guidance and oversight on Cloud governance and supportability.

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