Cloud as a Service (CaaS) FAQs | Third Octet

Will there be compatibility issues with essential software or hardware?

In respect to hardware-associated complications, they are usually minimal to nonexistent. Due to the adaptive, flexible nature of modern cloud technology, your network strength and capabilities will sooner limit the effectiveness of our services – of course, we’ll analyze and inspect your existing system to identify whether this is the case or not. With software, […]

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Will the service be reliable and reduce downtime?

Absolutely. Since our approach is to build out our CaaS capabilities around your pain points and employee-by-employee needs, we can help you significantly improve infrastructural efficiency and network uptime. This translates to a more resilient, scalable solution designed for your operations specifically. There’s a misconception that cloud is inefficient and hampers productivity, but that’s not […]

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How secure is Third Octet CaaS?

Our CaaS offerings are airtight with precisely managed permissions and location-based monitoring. In addition, we implement enterprise-grade firewall and file encryption to protect your team and data. Everything from sharing to editing documents and virtual meetings is handled with non-intrusive yet highly active security monitoring standards in place. We can personalize the security measures put […]

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