Migrating to the Cloud FAQs Archives | Third Octet

Will migrating improve our end-user device management efficiency?

Yes. It’s one of the primary benefits of digitizing the bulk of your operations. This isn’t a simple process, especially if you run a larger business with more moving pieces to manage, but our team is more than up to the task. Upon the completion of the migration process, you’ll be able to communicate, collaborate […]

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Do you provide custom solutions for specific workloads?

Of course. We analyze the needs, use case and compliance-associated prerequisites of your business to ensure there are no incompatibility issues. Department by department, team member by team member, we can help you craft and deploy a cloud migration that benefits all employees – and leaves no one behind.

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What cloud foundations do you support?

We primarily utilize Citrix, Cisco, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and the Microsoft Azure framework, though we can easily adapt to other solutions depending on your needs. Our team is always learning, ready to try new things, and be honest with you about which approach to migration would be best suited to […]

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