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What about bugs? Can you fix them quickly?

Patching patches is a way of DevOps life – it’s similar to a puzzle that fights back, as one line of code can affect another. Since no patch is ever perfect and there’s always room for improvement, our technicians respond quickly and diligently to any issues that crop up post-rollout. From reverting to previous versions […]

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How does Third Octet patch management help me save on operating costs?

Internal IT resources – labour, equipment, and time itself – are precious to companies no matter their size. By assigning our team to handle patch sourcing, screening, rollouts and bugfixes, your own specialists are more capable than ever. They’ll have the freedom to spearhead new initiatives, better assist team members, and work more efficiently, improving […]

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What is your screening process for patches?

If we’re not satisfied with the resilience, stability and performance of a patch, we don’t send it out. We source only from trusted, thoroughly vetted providers including Microsoft and Citrix. Before even thinking of updating any element of your infrastructure, we test and retest to ensure there are no complications. In addition, we employ a […]

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