IGEL in Banking and Financial Services

Improve Service Quality and Protect Sensitive Data with a Simple, Smart, and Secure End-User Computing Approach

In an increasingly competitive banking and financial services marketplace, harnessing technology to deliver outstanding service is more important than ever. At the same time, IT teams face ever-growing pressure to control costs, manage security risk, and ensure compliance with key industry regulations. This pressure is particularly acute with end-user computing. People are at the center of banking and financial services. When they are empowered to innovate and work efficiently, service quality improves. When endpoint user experience is poor, it directly affects employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Endpoints are also a key information security battleground. They generally outnumber other device types by a wide margin and are used in many different contexts, often by non-technical users. Keeping them secure and functioning well is a complex, costly, and time-consuming endeavour without the right architecture in place.

Unlock the Full Potential of VDI and DaaS

Banks and financial services firms were among the earliest adopters of remote desktop session hosts and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). By executing applications and desktops from the data center using technology from vendors like Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware, IT teams have realized many operational efficiencies and security advantages. A centralized end-user computing approach simplifies Windows operating system patching and management. In addition, keeping sensitive information off of endpoints greatly reduces the risk of data leakage and simplifies compliance.

Now, many banks and financial services firms are taking the next step by shifting end-user computing sessions to the public cloud using desktop-as-a-service offerings like Amazon WorkSpaces and Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).

While shifting Windows desktop delivery to VDI or DaaS unlocks many benefits for banks and financial services firms, the true potential of these architectures is only fully realized when they are paired with a secure and responsive endpoint approach. If the Windows endpoint management headaches that VDI and DaaS eliminate are replaced with new endpoint management challenges, or if the end-user experience is poor, the advantages of centralized application and desktop execution are lost.

Simplify and Secure VDI and DaaS with IGEL

IGEL offers IGEL OS, the next-gen endpoint operating system for cloud workspaces, along with simple, smart, and secure management and control software for cloud workspaces and virtual desktops. The IGEL approach helps banking and financial services IT teams maintain the smallest possible footprint on endpoint devices while giving users a high-fidelity desktop experience that is configured for both local and remote users to flexibly support a vast range of requirements or specialized peripheral needs.

IGEL OS standardizes endpoints onto a single management and control platform while enabling adaptive configuration and granular control, and gives users a familiar, trouble-free workspace. With support for more remote display protocols and attached peripheral devices than any alternative solution, IGEL OS delivers an optimized user experience at scale in highly demanding financial services environments.

IGEL OS works in concert with the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS). UMS was purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise endpoint environments. It gives IT teams the ability to remotely manage up to tens of thousands of endpoints from a single console with drag-and-drop simplicity.

To learn more about how IGEL delivers a simple, smart, and secure experience for users and IT alike, download the IGEL solution brief, visit our Modern Endpoints solution page, and contact us to start your complimentary Proof-of-Value with Third Octet and IGEL.

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