IGEL Trade Up – It’s Easier Than Ever

The IGEL OS 11 Trade Up Program

Enabling IGEL customers to move to IGEL OS 11

Introduced in early 2019, IGEL OS 11, the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces, represents the very latest in innovation and technology advancement from IGEL. Supporting more functionality than ever before and including the latest clients, protocols, and integrations from over 90 technology partners, IGEL OS 11 can fit seamlessly within more IT and end user computing environments than ever before. And since it’s Linux based, it offers a simple, smart, and secure way for organizations of all sizes to securely consume modern-day cloud workspaces, including those offered by Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop services from the Azure cloud.

The new IGEL OS 11 Trade Up program enables any existing IGEL customer who has purchased IGEL endpoints and software in the past to migrate from those non-OS 11 existing endpoint device operating systems to OS 11, provided those endpoint devices are IGEL OS 11 capable 64-bit endpoints. In fact, IGEL is allowing organizations to migrate to OS 11 at no charge as long as three or more years of software maintenance is acquired. That’s it – there are no other conditions or “strings” attached. If you are an IGEL customer with x86-64 endpoint devices that can run IGEL OS 11, you can move them to OS 11 now.

And you can make that move from a number of past IGEL-offered operating systems including IGEL Linux 5, Windows IoT, IGEL OS 10, or from an IGEL zero client that talks only one protocol like HDX, PCoIP, or RDP/RemoteFX. Any of those types of devices can now be moved to IGEL OS 11.

To “trade up” to IGEL OS 11, an IGEL customer needs to simply order the OS 11 migration via a single new, dedicated part number that is priced the same as a 3-year software maintenance agreement, and includes the 3 years of software maintenance with the IGEL Workspace Edition license. It also includes, among other things, IGEL OS, the Universal Management Suite (UMS) software, and “custom partitions” which was just added to the base software configuration to enable integration of technologies not yet included in the last main software release.

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