Are you in need of fast, effective IT help desk assistance? Whether you need basic or urgent service, Third Octet has you covered with our dedicated service desk. All you need to do is send us an email or call and we’ll get started on a resolution that actually works. Downtime is our time to shine, and the same applies to bug-fixing and patches. That’s because our team operates under the philosophy that we only sell what we can actively support.

Secure Ticket and Support Documentation Access

There are standard IT support services and then there are those that respect your security. We’re happy to be in the latter category, concealing sensitive discussions and data behind an encrypted firewall. That way, only those with permission to manage the problem at hand have access to the necessary details. Securely log in with the credentials provided to see the current status of your ticket – it’s that easy! The same applies to accessing documentation relevant to your needs.

Monitoring Services and Remote Support

Want to really keep a close eye on what we change? We’re happy to provide a transparent, secure end-to-end viewpoint of our help desk efforts. At the same time, we can also actively monitor your account and connected services with us to ensure that everything is running just as it should be, protecting you from data theft and unwanted bypassing of permissions. Our IT help desk is also optimized for remote support. No matter where you’re set up – even across multiple time zones – we’re able to help you keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly, securely, and effectively.

A Team You Can Always Rely On

You won’t encounter any guesswork when it comes to our support services. Our frontline experts have a deep well of knowledge in everything from Citrix and Microsoft technologies to virtualization, cloud integration and more. Simply get in touch with us today to find out for yourself. In addition, we’re Citrix Platinum and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partners, so you’ll benefit from the premium support that one would expect from an MSP with these credentials. We also make it a point to maintain full compliance with Service Level Agreements and Operating Level Agreements, established with you to ensure the best possible assistance is always provided.

Ready for a helping, knowledgeable hand? We’re here for you.
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