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That’s not an oxymoron. That’s BYOD done right.

The future of work is changing rapidly with the rise in technological advancements. Organizations are embracing ways to operate more efficiently, including working from anywhere and hiring temporary staff or experts on demand for projects that need attention immediately.

As economies emerge out of the pandemic, companies must embrace new ways of work to restore a “new normal.” Hybrid models which combine remote working with office days prove popular choices among many employees & employers alike; another important player in this model is today’s gig economy – where organizations hire temporary workers or contract external professionals as needed for short-term engagements (“surges”).  These “guest users” require temporary and controlled access to the company apps and workspaces.

This widely distributed workforce creates a number of challenges for IT teams, putting strain on their resources. With worldwide chip shortages impacting the supply of new endpoint devices, many companies are experiencing lengthy device delivery times. One way to combat this is by enabling employees to work with personal or compatible x86-64 devices in a “bring your own” (BYOD) or “use your own” (UYOD) model.

Let’s take look at how Third Octet and IGEL can help you with this!

Why IGEL for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Use Your Own Device (UYOD) model?

It’s simple.  Enabling a BYOD or UYOD strategy with IGEL is quick and easy to deploy, even remotely. Employees can set up their device in minutes; all they have to do is plug UD Pocket into the USB port on any compatible x86-64 computer (no matter where it’s located) that has internet access then connect to the organization’s cloud gateway for automatic configuration once connected via WAN.

It’s secure.  Flexible and secure, IGEL OS provides a quick solution for all industries. With an extremely small attack surface, broad array of security features designed to minimize exposure on the network edge, it is easy access cloud workspaces from end-to-end.  For BYOD and UYOD, once employees have completed their work, they need only remove the UD Pocket to return to the native environment. All underlying apps and files remain untouched. The ease of control, even from remote locations, makes the UD Pocket a simple BYOD solution. If a personal device is lost or stolen, the IT admin can easily disable the UD Pocket with IGEL’s unified management console, the Universal Management Suite.

People want a flexible work schedule that lets them work from anywhere on any device. BYOD benefits everyone.

Increase worker satisfaction.

Decrease expenditures.

Modern Endpoints - BYOD FAQs

  • What is IGEL OS?

    A platform-independent Linux-based next-gen endpoint operating system designed for simple, smart, and secure endpoint control and optimization. It allows access to cloud services, serverbased computing applications or virtual desktops, and provides outstanding audio, video, interactive graphics, and unified communications.

  • What is IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)?

    A single management and control solution for just a few to up to 300,000 distributed IGEL OS-powered endpoint devices. Purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments, UMS supports diverse operating systems, databases and directories. The UMS server can be located on the corporate network or in the cloud.

  • What is the IGEL UD Pocket (UDP)?

    A portable and powerful USB pluggable endpoint solution. No larger than a paper clip, the UD Pocket is essentially “IGEL OS on a stick” and offers secure high performance for remote mobile and guest workers. The UD Pocket boots IGEL OS from a PC, laptop or any compatible x86-64 CPU-based endpoint device.

  • What is IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)?

    Enables full UMS management and control of IGEL OS-powered endpoints located “off-network” in remote locations including home offices, remote campuses, or for mobile “road warrior” workers. It extends the reach of UMS without requiring a separate VPN connection to ensure strong management and control of all your IGEL OS-powered endpoints, regardless of their location.

  • IGEL Elite PartnerExperience more about how IGEL OS and the IGEL UD Pocket support BYOD and business continuity with secure, controlled access to company apps and desktops from personal endpoint devices.  Contact us today.

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      IGEL Partner of the Year

      IGEL, provider of next-generation endpoint and edge operating systems for cloud and digital workspaces, announced that Third Octet has been named Growth Partner of the Year for 2020.