If there’s one golden rule in any business relying on web-based tech, it’s this: never sit still and wait for trouble to find you. Keeping your security, procurement and other software regularly updated is therefore critical. Even as soon as the latest revision enters a beta, cybercriminals are already tearing it apart in search of a way to get through. To remain a viable and future-facing business is to understand the importance of proper patch management and embrace it.

Let Third Octet help you get there. In addition to active and manual monitoring, our cloud-based solutions are designed to minimize the need for dedicated hardware and maximize the efficiency of your security framework.

The Process at a Glance

Proactive patch management doesn’t just involve clicking an “install” button and getting every device updated at once; it’s a series of critical steps that must be handled with care. Our approach at Third Octet puts security, stability and efficiency first as follows:

  • Patches are carefully sourced from trusted vendor sites only, such as Microsoft and Citrix. The update undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure it’s official and safe to install.
  • All connected systems (onsite, remote, virtual) are automatically scanned to determine who needs the latest update.
  • Any related bug or security fixes that the patch requires are screened in the same way and downloaded.
  • After testing to ensure a successful installation that won’t interfere with system stability or performance, the patch is rolled out to the connected systems identified as outdated. Deployment settings can be personalized to suit your specific needs.

“Manual” is Not Enough

Our patch management system is both automated and closely monitored by our cybersecurity experts, ensuring that updates go through a filtering process to scan for any vulnerabilities. They are then distributed to all connected systems. This doesn’t just apply to in-office computers; any linked device with access must be patched at the same time to minimize the risks associated with outdated software. This applies to virtual desktops as well. The result is a seamless, non-intrusive patching process that frees up your own IT professionals, helps you allocate labour and resources more efficiently, subsequently driving down costs and protecting every connected end user. Going from system to system individually for manual patching has never sounded more antiquated – or riskier, for that matter.

Want to learn more about our patch management services at Third Octet? Feel free to contact us today.