Revolution of Work Excerpt: Get Bullish About Growth

Get Bullish About Growth, an excerpt from the Revolution of Work discussion, with panelist Ching Mac, was used to make a point to invite IT professionals to the strategy table.

According to estimates from the London School of Economics’ Global Leadership Summit survey, in 2020, 50-75% of the global workforce will be remotely distributed, flexible, and agile in various ways. Ching Mac is the Sales Director at Citrix Canada, where for the last 14 years, he has been responsible for the commercial business sector of the company across five district territories throughout Canada. He is a seasoned leader that is passionate about helping organizations reimagine IT.

Ching joins Marguerite O’Neal to discuss how organizations are connecting distributed teams through technology integrations. He shares why organizations need to embrace technology and use it as a driver to promote work-life balance for their employees, how CEOs can use technology to increase customer retention while building trust across remote teams, and why he believes some CEOs fail to properly introduce and integrate new technology across their organization. He also shares how organizations can properly protect their information and data when working with remote teams.

See the article Get Bullish About Growth and listen to the episode below or visit Margeurite O’Neal’s Creative Disruption content.

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