Today’s cloud-based solutions are intuitive, feature-rich, and designed to help businesses of all sizes remain as efficient as possible. In fact, many companies are migrating to the cloud to take the most advantage of dedicated software that can replace more costly alternatives.

With so many platforms and subsequent options available, there’s plenty of value and performance improvements to be had, even if you’re managing an entirely remote workforce. Third Octet’s software as a service (SaaS) solutions are optimized according to your business’ precise and specific needs, ensuring both remote employees and those utilizing onsite facilities can remain productive and collaborative.

Automate and Innovate

Our SaaS offerings are comprised of multiple software solutions rolled into one personalized, cohesive package built around highly stable Citrix and Microsoft Azure platform architectures. Compile and consult critical data points virtually across departments to paint the clearest end-to-end picture of your operations. Harness the power and insights of comprehensive analytics. Automate mundane processes to streamline the procurement process. These are just a few ways Third Octet is ready to help you innovate with our user-friendly and data-driven software solutions, actively maintained and enhanced by our IT experts on a regular basis to ensure you have a smooth and reliable experience.

Readiness Assessment Workshops that Transform Transformations

By taking advantage of Microsoft Azure for Citrix workloads, it’s easier than ever to identify areas of improvement and risk elements through dedicated readiness assessments. That way, when it comes to transforming your digital operations, you’re hitting the ground running with a clear image of where your optimizations will lead. We offer this as a three-day virtual workshop to help you not only get the very most out of our software solutions, but also to help you ease into the digital workspace environment.

Smarter Support, Smarter Deployment

Having skilled professionals with the right credentials at your beck and call is critical to a smoother SaaS experience. As Citrix Platinum and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partners, we know what it takes to refine – and redefine – the modern digital workspace. We’re happy to help your team navigate the technical landscape with our wealth of software and cloud integration knowledge, and we’re also capable of quickly identifying and addressing any complications that crop up.

At Third Octet, we believe in empowering users wherever they are. That includes the utilization, support, and maintenance of dedicated software solutions that simply work.

Contact us today to start your digital transformation journey.