Today’s cloud-based solutions are intuitive, feature-rich, and designed to help businesses of all sizes remain as efficient as possible. In fact, many companies are migrating to the cloud to take the most advantage of dedicated software that can replace more costly alternatives.

With so many platforms and subsequent options available, there’s plenty of value and performance improvements to be had, even if you’re managing an entirely remote workforce. Third Octet’s software as a service (SaaS) solutions are optimized according to your business’ precise and specific needs, ensuring both remote employees and those utilizing onsite facilities can remain productive and collaborative.

Automate and Innovate

Our SaaS offerings are comprised of multiple software solutions rolled into one personalized, cohesive package built around highly stable Citrix and Microsoft Azure platform architectures. Compile and consult critical data points virtually across departments to paint the clearest end-to-end picture of your operations. Harness the power and insights of comprehensive analytics. Automate mundane processes to streamline the procurement process. These are just a few ways Third Octet is ready to help you innovate with our user-friendly and data-driven software solutions, actively maintained and enhanced by our IT experts on a regular basis to ensure you have a smooth and reliable experience.

Readiness Assessment Workshops that Transform Transformations

By taking advantage of Microsoft Azure for Citrix workloads, it’s easier than ever to identify areas of improvement and risk elements through dedicated readiness assessments. That way, when it comes to transforming your digital operations, you’re hitting the ground running with a clear image of where your optimizations will lead. We offer this as a three-day virtual workshop to help you not only get the very most out of our software solutions, but also to help you ease into the digital workspace environment.

Smarter Support, Smarter Deployment

Having skilled professionals with the right credentials at your beck and call is critical to a smoother SaaS experience. As Citrix Platinum and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partners, we know what it takes to refine – and redefine – the modern digital workspace. We’re happy to help your team navigate the technical landscape with our wealth of software and cloud integration knowledge, and we’re also capable of quickly identifying and addressing any complications that crop up.

At Third Octet, we believe in empowering users wherever they are. That includes the utilization, support, and maintenance of dedicated software solutions that simply work.

What if I need to maintain compliance for specific elements of my business?

Third Octet’s approach to Cloud as a Service (CaaS) is a highly adaptable one – in other words, we work around your compliance needs rather than through them. Whether for privacy, data security, secret clearances or otherwise, every facet of our cloud offerings can be personalized to suit your precise operating needs. For example, we can ensure only certain departments or employees have access to a file or folder uploaded to cloud storage, all while managing viewing, editing, downloading and sharing permissions. Your requirements act as the foundation on which our CaaS offerings are built out and deployed, meaning every client of ours has a custom-tailored experience.

Will there be compatibility issues with essential software or hardware?

In respect to hardware-associated complications, they are usually minimal to nonexistent. Due to the adaptive, flexible nature of modern cloud technology, your network strength and capabilities will sooner limit the effectiveness of our services – of course, we’ll analyze and inspect your existing system to identify whether this is the case or not. With software, almost always we can perform a seamless, stress-free transition to the cloud, including via virtual desktops to enable the functionality of legacy applications. Once we understand how your current infrastructure is used, we can make more informed decisions on how best to move forward.

Will the service be reliable and reduce downtime?

Absolutely. Since our approach is to build out our CaaS capabilities around your pain points and employee-by-employee needs, we can help you significantly improve infrastructural efficiency and network uptime. This translates to a more resilient, scalable solution designed for your operations specifically. There’s a misconception that cloud is inefficient and hampers productivity, but that’s not the case when working with a managed service provider to actively build-out, deploy, and maintain the system they put in place for you.

How secure is Third Octet CaaS?

Our CaaS offerings are airtight with precisely managed permissions and location-based monitoring. In addition, we implement enterprise-grade firewall and file encryption to protect your team and data. Everything from sharing to editing documents and virtual meetings is handled with non-intrusive yet highly active security monitoring standards in place. We can personalize the security measures put in place to accommodate compliance-related needs as well, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Software as a Service (SaaS) FAQs

  • Will I need to worry about physical servers?

    Nope! Software as a Service (SaaS) is an entirely digitally managed solution. Our team’s efforts and regular performance updates make it easy to access applications from a web browser on any secure network. It’s as simple as clicking and getting to work.

  • Do you manage all security patches and updates?

    Absolutely. Our team’s years of practical expertise make our SaaS offerings more streamlined, discrete and proactive. From risk assessments to active monitoring and industry-leading support, we can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like us to be. Should you require further optimizations, we’re happy to take care of them for you.

  • What about data retention and ownership? Are our files safeguarded?

    Yes. We work tirelessly to protect the identities, information and privacy of our clients and the teams they manage, especially when it comes to SaaS. With our help, it’s easy to finetune data sharing and access permissions, one employee at a time to minimize the risk. And, even with files backed up to cloud-connected software, full encryption is standard with our services. We take no chances when it comes to your peace of mind.

  • Is the Microsoft Azure for Citrix workshop worth it?

    Definitely! Our three-day virtual workshop is easily accessible no matter where you are, and it gives you the chance to interact with and learn from our team. It’s an ideal opportunity to raise any questions you may have regarding our SaaS offerings, such as whether compatibility with legacy tools or processes will be affected. On our side of things, it’s a chance to get to know our clients and better understand how they wish to utilize our services, therefore creating a custom-refined solution.

  • How does SaaS benefit my remote workers?

    Rather than be tethered to onsite solutions that demand their physical presence, SaaS alternatives such as those from Third Octet give your team an environment that is more flexible. Whether facing disaster recovery, an office shut down due to a viral outbreak or otherwise, you can keep on running without hitting the brakes, even while working at home. This is also invaluable for employees travelling abroad for business purposes, as they can quickly access all the information and tools they need. Paired with fully or hybrid cloud migrations, your operations can remain futureproofed and efficient – and more capable of weathering change. 

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