The Digital Society is Emerging but What Will it Look Like?

This live panel discussion webinar on Thursday, April 11th at 10:00 am ETD is hosted by Dale Kutnick, Senior Vice President, Debra Logan, Distinguished VP Analyst, Leigh McMullen, VP Analyst and Bettina Tratz-Ryan, VP Analyst.


Discussion Topics

  • How different macro-societal views lead to different angles towards digital transformation
  • Various cultures different reactions to the idea of a global narrative
  • How you can contribute to the debate on what we want our Digital Society to look like

The digital revolution typically assumed a world without borders, where everything is connected to everything, and where the use of technology — first and foremost — must scale. But is this larger narrative of “Globalization” holding up? Is “Capitalism” still our main narrative upon which we base our prosperity beliefs? And are we even moving beyond “Humanism”, by giving AI a place in society? There seems to be doubts in many circles. One thing is clear: Your digital transformation needs to serve a certain purpose — a business purpose and a societal purpose. But what if that purpose is not connected to globalization anymore? Join this complimentary video webinar as a panel of Gartner experts discusses whats next and what the digital society will look like.

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