At Third Octet, we take pride in delivering sensible support solutions, stripping away delays and digging into the meat of IT infrastructure problems faster. Our virtual desktop support solutions are optimized to do this and much more. We utilize thin clients, central management, monitoring and delivery solutions, such as Microsoft Azure and Citrix Workspaces  to ensure the best possible security and performance, all without putting a strain on your company’s existing hardware, thanks to DaaS integration.

Cut Costs by Cutting Out Needless Hardware Upgrades

Recurring – and often needless – hardware upgrades are a death knell for budget planners. Kitting out every workstation with new systems or components simply to support the latest software revisions is both wasteful and ineffective at keeping expenses under control. Our virtual desktop support enables you to take advantage of what you have rather than make these unnecessary upgrades. This is especially important for operations with a large install base of connected, reliable systems or those switching to remote deployments. There’s no need to stress over per-system maintenance and desktop imaging; our virtual setup allows for hassle-free, automated updating. This translates to lower operating costs and fewer headaches, all while taking a load off your in-house IT team’s backs. Whether you opt for a fully onsite, fully migrated cloud or hybrid IT infrastructure, Third Octet’s virtual desktop support is an ideal choice for all three environments.

A Future-Facing Security Solution

Having a centralized data source in the form of a virtual desktop means it’s also much easier to actively monitor – and protect against – various digital threats. Consolidating data digitally via encrypted backups can assist with this by keeping sensitive information off physical drives – both a tremendous benefit to disaster recovery and permissions management protocols.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page – and Software Version – Without Hassle

Need to update an operating system or program? Say goodbye to running around and performing the same mundane task on every individual system. This wastes precious time and drives up IT labour costs while your team waits for their turn, potentially, to perform even more efficiently. Our virtual desktop solutions bypass all of this through a centralized location, meaning that critical security or procurement software updates can be applied to every appropriate system at the same time. Whether part of your office network or at home on a remote deployment, you and your team will benefit from the same speed and convenience.

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