Managed IT for the Modern SMB

Delivering over 15 years of outstanding IT support and ongoing innovation that keeps your business growing and your IT ahead of the game.


“We now deliver new environments and software improvements 5x faster and on a global scale with Third Octet.”


“Third Octet provides access to very skilled people at a fraction of the cost of managing IT internally.”



“Rather than significant up-front expenditures, we now have predictable monthly spend and 0% waste with Third Octet.”


“What I like about Third Octet is that they come to us with solutions that make sense and solve problems for our business.”

We understand.

We really do.

How your people work has changed. You need Managed IT Services designed and delivered to fit today’s challenges.

See how we make life easier for you.

Big or small we’ve got you covered.

Our clients appreciate our collaboration with leading technology partners, providing precisely the scale and scope required on demand. Regardless of your team size, whether 10 or 100, or your industry – be it Accounting, Healthcare, or Manufacturing – we can customize a solution to suit your specific needs and align with your growth stage. Moreover, we offer flexibility in managing either a vital component of your IT infrastructure or the entirety of it.


We work with all types of people

  • Business Owner
  • IT Leader
  • Functional Leader


We’re experts in

  • Citrix
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365
  • Endpoints
  • Infrastructure


Multiple industries covered

  • Financial Services
  • Legal
  • HR
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Not for Profit


Small to large, we’ve got you covered

  • 0-50 employees
  • 51-100 employees
  • 100-150 Employees

People sometimes ask…



While many things may change, our core values remain constant. At Third Octet, our team thrives on ensuring your business and workforce operate at their optimal level. We commit to delivering tailored solutions and support that cater to your unique needs, rather than attempting to sell unnecessary products or generic programs. Our promise is to create an environment and provide services that truly benefit your business.


Trusted by Canada’s leading businesses 

Third Octet’s Managed Services is a good fit for our business. Their services provide protection, security and support for a flat monthly fee. Our staff is pleased with the support. More importantly, they anticipate any issues or changes and address them beforehand so we function without any business interruptions. By being proactive, the efficiency recommendations implemented have positively impacted our bottom line.

Brad Warren

President, Land Survey Group

Third Octet has re-engineered our business, moving us from a services consultant to an agile services provider. We now deliver new environments and software improvements 5 to 6x faster globally. And Disaster Recovery as an issue has disappeared. Now we provide a better user experience for clients anywhere, on any device. And most significantly, we have added monthly recurring revenue to our revenue portfolio.

Dan Desmarais

President, Cantactix Solutions

Third Octet’s Managed Services provide excellent value and expertise.  Many NFP organizations do not have the financial resources to keep a qualified IT person on staff. Third Octet provides access to a knowledgeable team at a fraction of the cost.  There are no more concerns about hardware and software, backups, maintenance or upgrades. From a financial perspective, the fixed monthly fee allows me to budget more accurately.

Director of Finance