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Our Vision

Our vision is Bettering the World Through Technology. We design and implement technology solutions as a means to anywhere access, from any device, from any network, for Work Life Balance, improving engagement, productivity and profit for our clients.

Third Octet delivers exceptional business
results with Work Life Balance
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Modern Workforce


Work Life Balance not only impacts your employees, it transforms your business.  From digital workspaces to hybrid cloud to automation, we’ve proven our capabilities to transform employee experience and modernize the workforce.

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Procurement, Subscription, Professional and Collaborative Services expertise enables us to help you achieve and manage greater operational efficiencies for increased productivity and bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Home FAQs

  • What are the benefits of being a Citrix Partner and Platinum Workspace Specialist?

    These distinguishments help us at Third Octet stand out from the rest of the IT crowd. They represent rigorously tested and proven technical expertise, a focus on the fundamentals a business needs to succeed (security, flexibility, and employee experience), and a commitment to service excellence. In short, the benefit to us is that we can benefit your operations with access to more tools, talent, and proven techniques.

  • Why should I complete the complimentary cybersecurity assessment?

    Although we’re certain that your integrated IT team has identified many a risk and protected your operations from all sorts of complications, there’s always room for refinement. This is especially evident as new cyber threats emerge every day, and it can be difficult to keep up with them on your own. For a limited time, our free cybersecurity assessment is available to provide you with peace of mind regarding your current infrastructure. We’ll identify any unforeseen risk elements, relying purely on factual data, and we’re happy to make recommendations afterwards on how best to tackle them.

  • What solutions does Third Octet offer?

    We’re proud to offer many ways to accommodate even the most unique of operating needs. From hybrid and full cloud migrations to collaboration refinements, telecommuting assistance and more, our solutions help you manage a seamless and capable modern workforce. As for our services themselves, they encompass a complete suite of technical elements including Cloud as a Service (CaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), patch management and bugfixes, managed IT and monitoring, Software as a Service (SaaS), and many others.

  • Which industries are your services best suited for?

    Clients from a variety of applications have come to Third Octet for dependable, futureproofed solutions and services. They include legal firms, not-for-profit organizations, healthcare and financial institutions, manufacturers, and more. If you’re unsure whether our capabilities are a good fit for your specific needs, especially if your use case is unique, we encourage you to reach out to us. We can custom-tailor an ideal solution, regardless of your infrastructural requirements.

  • How does Third Octet help me reduce operating costs?

    Rather than task your internal IT team with patching, managing virtual desktops and other similar processes, we can take the load off their shoulders and give them the time, resources and manpower needed to truly innovate within your business. That means faster repair job completion, less of a reliance on dedicated onsite hardware, and the potential for making a greater impact on your everyday operations. In addition, our systemwide refinements help your connected employees work more efficiently with optimal uptime.

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    Unlock better business outcomes with digital transformation.

    Third Octet, Microsoft Azure and Citrix help you make the leap to the cloud with ease.

    What People Are
    Saying About Us

    I just wanted to reach out to let you know how deeply appreciative I am for the assistance the team provided. They took my call without hesitation, providing me with concise & detailed recommendations on how to resolve our issue with remote desktop connections. Delighted to have Third Octet as a trusted partner!
    The recommended solution provided by Third Octet made the most sense and addressed our key concerns. Along with competitive pricing and a great working relationship, choosing Third Octet was an easy decision.  The Third Octet team is amazing to work with and all about getting the right solution done quickly and without surprises.
    For us, this digital transformation has re-engineered our business. It moved us from a services consultant to an agile services provider. We now deliver new environments and software improvements 5 to 6x faster at a global scale. And Disaster Recovery as an issue has disappeared. Now we deliver a better user experience for clients, anywhere, on any device. and most significantly, we have added monthly recurring revenue to our revenue portfolio. To minimize downtime risk, Third Octet manages our access points, hosting, security, and backups so we can focus on providing business applications to our customers.
    Third Octet’s Collaborative Services is a good fit for our business. Their services provide protection, security and support whenever required, for a flat monthly fee. Our staff is pleased with the support. The level of support we receive is based on our needs, when we need it, and more importantly, they anticipate any issues or changes and address them beforehand so we function without any business interruptions. By being pro-active, the efficiency recommendations that have been implemented have impacted our bottom-line.
    I can’t state enough the value of the relationship between Third Octet and Vale. We’ve been working with the people on the Third Octet team for the last 6 years on multiple initiatives – Cisco UCS, VMware, Citrix, and Managed Services. It’s for many reasons why we have a successful relationship and is why we trust Third Octet as one of our leading value added reseller partners.
    For as long as I have known and worked with Third Octet, they have consistently demonstrated an ability to adapt to the needs of their customers rapidly and considerately. They can do this because they maintain required qualifications and competency with technologies that are in demand. Combined with a very pleasant professional demeanor, the team is a significant project asset and an exceptional technical resource.
    It was a very collaborative approach. We knew we could rely on Third Octet for guidance and to execute seamlessly on the strategy. We rebuilt the entire facility from the ground up, in parallel to the existing environment, encompassing directory services, messaging, business applications, WAN infrastructure, file and print services, and more. Third Octet defined the delivery strategy and helped us with hardware scoping, obtaining buy-in from other executives, as well as managing the implementation.
    Third Octet’s IT Managed Services provide excellent value and expertise.  Many not-for-profit organizations do not have the financial resources to keep a qualified IT person on staff. Third Octet provides access to a very knowledgeable team at a fraction of the cost.  Joe and the team have been very responsive, accommodating, and are always happy to help. For 360°kids, there are no more concerns around hardware and software service, backups, maintenance or upgrades. From a financial perspective, the fixed monthly fee allows me to budget more accurately.
    When TIFF. needed assistance reviewing and optimizing our Citrix NetScaler environment during the Film Festival, the Third Octet team responded quickly and professionally.  They first ensured that they fully understood our environment and goals before making recommendations that resulted in enhanced experience for visitors to the TIFF website.
    We hired Third Octet for some advanced infrastructure projects and they delivered the solutions flawlessly.
    The Third Octet team are very knowledgeable Citrix professionals, very responsive, and will work with you at all hours to get your project/issue resolved. After the project is complete they continue to give you value added support/tips that will benefit your implementation. I would definitely hire Third Octet in the future should the need arise.

    Smarter IT Infrastructure Refinements. Smarter Support. Smarter Solutions.

    Discover Third Octet’s approach to empowering and informing users in fully remote, onsite, and hybrid operating environments.

    Since 2007, Third Octet has grown to become the first choice of many businesses for hassle-free, data-driven IT support and managed IT services. We believe in empowering people with useful, optimized tools in the form of the right software, supporting them to ensure the best possible performance, and enabling them to do great things. The right solutions are those tools, and we’re proud to offer an extensive suite of them to help you get the most out of your day-to-day, every day.

    Where Do You Like to Work? We’ll See You There

    Have you done your homework and believe that hybrid cloud operations are the best course of action for your company? We won’t argue it because you may be right – straight-up cloud integration isn’t for everyone and that is by design, so we’re happy to personalize our IT services to suit your needs. For those who are keen on a complete migration, however, we have you covered with secure, state-of-the-art CaaS, DaaS and SaaS solutions, complete with ongoing cost optimizations for purposes of cloud budget governance.

    On the other hand, if you’re eager to keep things in-house and streamline mundane tasks while boosting data security, we can optimize components of our services to help in that regard. From procurement to rollout, desktop virtualization to work automation, Third Octet is there for you – wherever you need to be! The malleable nature of our infrastructure IT support and services makes us a great choice for fully remote, hybrid, and fully onsite operations.

    Certified for Excellence

    We take our status as Citrix Platinum and Microsoft Gold partner tiers seriously; these certifications represent a dedication to the end-user and those they serve. Striking the right balance of work and life through automation, reducing everyday stress while increasing everyday potential, is critical for fostering growth as a team.

    Growing as a team is conducive to growing as a company. Growing as a company represents taking a bigger bite out of the market and creating new opportunities. This domino effect of benefits to our clients is why Third Octet is committed to three important principles: drive costs down, keep your data and operations secure and flexible, and empower your employees with the right tools and IT support.

    Ready to Get Started? Contact us Today to Start Optimizing Your Operations.

    Thought Leadership

    Changes Coming for Microsoft 365

    Since launch a decade ago, Office 365 has grown to over 300 million commercial seats. Along the way, they have continuously re-invested to meet the changing needs of your businesses. Microsoft has now announced changes to their commercial pricing model for Microsoft 365 – the first substantive pricing update since its launch.


    Cisco Meraki On-Demand

    Learn how Cisco Meraki cloud solutions can minimize cost, complexity and increase the effectiveness of network and security operations. Always on, always available content.

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