Get the most out of your hardware with DaaS

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a powerful, easy, and cost-effective way to extend your company’s IT infrastructure. DaaS services help companies carry out their day-to-day business with greater ease and efficiency.

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Making DaaS the most accessible, secure and easy-to-use platform

Providing a secure workspace experience on any device is the goal of Desktop as a Service. With DaaS, your employees can access their desktops and applications from home or on the road, helping enable greater productivity and collaboration.


With a secure application and internet-connected device, you’re ready to go! In addition, we’re Citrix and Microsoft experts, so you’ll enjoy not only the most convenient and elegant solution but also round-the-clock.

Simplified Operations

Third Octet’s desktop as a service offerings take a considerable load off your dedicated IT team. They’re also remarkably easy for us to manage via active monitoring and updates, so you won’t need to worry about manual data backups, individual system software installations and the like. 

Tailored Workspaces

Regardless of whether you’re managing remote teams or keeping an eye on workers in-house, Third Octet’s DaaS solutions exemplify our experience as a digital workspace innovator. The key is driving productivity, automating where it makes sense, and lending greater flexibility to your business. 

A Coffee a Day for Desktops Today

For as low as a coffee a day* per user, you could experience a fully managed, highly secure and always available Desktop-as-a-Service platform. Not only will you have anywhere access to your desktops and, of course, your applications and data, you will also have world class support and expertise of the Third Octet team.

What’s the difference between Desktop as a Service and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Third Octet offers virtual desktop support in addition to DaaS capabilities as part of our suite of services. Virtual desktop infrastructure involves deployment and management via existing internal data centres as well as public cloud. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is the same process, except your virtual desktops are hosted over the cloud and managed by our team digitally. With that said, we can also provide support and maintenance for onsite alternatives.

Which is more cost-effective?

This depends on your specific operations, the complexity of your existing infrastructure, and the goals you wish to achieve with the help of our services. Should you already have an existing server network in place capable of maintaining and managing multiple virtual desktops, we can look into utilizing them. Let’s get in touch to explore the specifics of your setup in more detail and determine whether DaaS is the ideal approach.

Is DaaS scalable?

Absolutely. Third Octet’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) capabilities are built to adapt, flex and work alongside the ever-changing needs of your business. Every element, from permissions handling to compliance and security, can be tweaked and refined to reflect your current and projected needs. Applications and desktops can be rapidly scaled up when needed, then deprioritized when you aren’t using them. This is a great way to save on operating costs while accommodating unique events such as mergers and acquisitions.

Is DaaS secure enough for my business?

Yes, and we can finetune the specifics of our security framework to ensure lasting protection. Despite its user-facing elements being simple and easy to navigate, behind the scenes we encrypt and actively monitor your cloud-based infrastructure. Not only that, but security patches are sourced from trusted providers and rollouts are automated according to the most at-risk systems. All data, including backups, is safeguarded by enterprise-grade encryption, firewalls, and zero trust practices.

What other benefits are there to Third Octet DaaS?

The centralized nature of VDI carries over to DaaS, making it easy to access and share files between permitted users. Speaking of which, it’s a user-friendly approach that is simple to navigate, therefore never impeding on productivity or operating efficiency. And, with everything actively managed by our technicians and informed by your data and input, refinements are more intelligent and aligned with your operating goals and processes. You’ll save in terms of time, budget, and labour while improving user-by-user performance.

Utilize DaaS with other great solutions

We understand that managing your IT services can be a challenging task. That’s why we have created scalable service offerings that integrate all of your disparate services into one easy-to-manage solution. Our all-in-one package includes Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, endpoint devices, support, delivery, onboarding, integration, and provisioning, giving you the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of. We know that taking on such a massive load can be overwhelming, so we are here to manage it all for you. By choosing our services, you can focus on what matters most – growing your business – while we handle the rest.