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With Third Octet, trust that your IT needs are taken care of with reliable Canadian support and innovation. Feel secure in the 100% assurance you’re receiving top-tier service from local experts that know how Canadian businesses thrive.

A proven process that always delivers


1. Discover

Alignment across people, process, and technology

2. Assess

Half-day assessment of current state of technology

3. Purpose

Outline how we will work together, identify value, and provide costs

4. Onboard

Build and enable the technology, platforms and procedures.

5. Innovate

Monitor and manage environment, support employees, and drive innovation


“We now deliver new environments and software improvements 5x faster and on a global scale with Third Octet.”


“Third Octet provides access to very skilled people at a fraction of the cost of managing IT internally.”


“From day-to-day support to strategic guidance, our business is more secure.”

Rev Capital


“What I like about Third Octet is that they come to us with solutions that make sense and solve problems for our business.”

Why Customers Choose Third Octet?

IT simplified
By minimizing unnecessary IT noise, we help ensure that our clients can focus on the task at hand and make informed decisions quickly. We recognize their need for streamlined processes and are committed to tailoring solutions that respect this.

Flexible Solutions
Our IT solutions are as unique and varied as our clients. We don’t offer off-the-shelf answers – instead, we craft personalized strategies that meet the exact demands of each customer. That’s why no two services have ever been quite alike.

Exceptional Service
At Third Octet, we’re committed to delivering outstanding service every step of the way. Whether it’s through tickets, Email or phone calls – whatever form our interactions take – excellence is always top-of-mind.

Third Octet is a recognized leader

Thrive at Third Octet

We’re looking for people who are ready to take the next step in their careers. People who want to help top companies solve huge challenges by turning IT into answers.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Third Octet’s Managed Services provide excellent value and expertise.  Many NFP organizations do not have the financial resources to keep a qualified IT person on staff. Third Octet provides access to a knowledgeable team at a fraction of the cost.  There are no more concerns about hardware and software, backups, maintenance or upgrades. From a financial perspective, the fixed monthly fee allows me to budget more accurately.

Director of Finance


Third Octet’s Managed Services is a good fit for our business. Their services provide protection, security and support for a flat monthly fee. Our staff is pleased with the support. More importantly, they anticipate any issues or changes and address them beforehand so we function without any business interruptions. By being proactive, the efficiency recommendations implemented have positively impacted our bottom line.

Brad Warren

President, Land Survey Group

Third Octet has re-engineered our business, moving us from a services consultant to an agile services provider. We now deliver new environments and software improvements 5 to 6x faster globally. And Disaster Recovery as an issue has disappeared. Now we provide a better user experience for clients anywhere, on any device. And most significantly, we have added monthly recurring revenue to our revenue portfolio.

Dan Desmarais

President, Cantactix Solutions

I would like to reiterate that I am thankful for the high quality of support services that the team at Third Octet has provided to us. You have been responsive even at odd times, and the right level of expertise for the issue was always made available.

Director of IT

Healthcare Organization

Questions we get asked…

What are our hours of support?

Our standard support hours are from 8 am to 6 pm Eastern Time, during which we handle routine requests. However, our customer systems are monitored around the clock to ensure the smooth operation of IT infrastructures and services. Further, and to avoid interruptions, we coordinate changes to the infrastructure during non-business hours. This ensures that the systems are maintained and updated efficiently without affecting the normal functioning of your IT services during business hours. 

Do we provide onsite support?

We provide onsite support, and the need for it is determined by various factors, including triage of requests and the Customer’s general interests, wants, and desires. Certain technology challenges, such as technology installs, physical troubleshooting, and related issues, do require an onsite presence. Additionally, periodic, and scheduled visits provide an opportunity for your staff to ask us questions about issues they have experienced and for us to gain a better understanding of their needs. 

 Physical presence also plays an essential role in keeping a pulse of the business and employee culture and providing real-time feedback to improve our relationships with customers and their staff. This helps us ensure that we deliver on what our customers want and need. Furthermore, other matters, such as Technology Business Reviews, benefit from onsite interaction as they allow executive-led meetings to drive mutual business growth and alignment. 

What services do we offer?

Workplace Suite is a collection of services offered by Third Octet to help businesses create and manage a modern, productive workplace environment. 

What services do we not offer?

We believe our services are holistic and applicable to most SMBs in today’s Canadian landscape and stick with the packages we’ve curated. However, we are flexible to an extent, and look to develop lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships. With that said, while our packages tend to be our recommended approach, we are accommodating to the needs of the business and will work with you to understand your business objectives and mirror to technology strategy. 

Is there flexibility in the services we offer?

Third Octet provides core packages to support SMB organizations, with flexibility achieved through add-ons. The core packages are designed to support most SMB organizations and provide consistent support across customers. However, offering too much flexibility can increase costs for all customers and reduce consistency in support. Third Octet believes in being cost-effective and aligning organizations with forward focused and innovative execution venues, such as Microsoft. 

Do we offer procurement and managed services?

Yes, we offer procurement and managed services to all customers. We provide procurement of most goods and have a curated catalogue specific to each Customer, which includes what they recommend and require. We also offer managed services, which are delivered through our proven process and are charged based on various factors such as onboarding fee, base monthly fee, per user fee, and add-ons. 

Do we assist with IT budgeting and high-level/strategic IT direction?

Our assistance with IT budgeting and high-level/strategic IT direction is done through a combination of our TBRs (Technology Business Reviews), monthly cadence meetings, and technology portfolio. During the TBRs, we work closely with the Customer to understand their current technology landscape, identify areas for improvement and recommend solutions that align with the Customer’s overall business objectives and budget. Our monthly cadence meetings provide a forum for ongoing communication and to keep the Customer updated on the latest technology trends and best practices. Additionally, our technology portfolio gives customers a comprehensive overview of the products and services we offer, helping them make informed decisions about their IT investments and ensure that they are aligned with their overall business goals. By combining these resources, we aim to help our customers make informed decisions about their IT budget and plan their technology roadmap to align with their high-level strategic goals. 

What is our experience in managing remote, hybrid, and onsite teams?

We have a wealth of experience in managing remote, hybrid, and onsite teams. When the company was founded in 2007, our focus was exclusively on delivering remote workforce solutions through remote enabling technology, such as Citrix. Over the past 16 years, we have honed our skills and expertise in this area, becoming leading experts in North America for remote workforce solutions. 

 We believe that work is not a place, and our experience and success in leading, managing, and supporting remote, hybrid, and onsite teams for our own company and numerous well-known brands in Canada, big and small, is a testament to this philosophy. Our team is equipped to support teams no matter where they are located, ensuring seamless productivity and collaboration.