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For your business and the modern workforce to thrive, you need to implement a strategy that includes real-time communication through collaborative tools. These tools should help employees collaborate with each other and their managers on projects as well as individual goals. A good collaboration strategy will allow employees to contribute to their company’s overall goals while allowing them to set goals for themselves.

Why Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that combines the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite with Microsoft’s next-generation communications and collaboration software to help your organization meet its needs for productivity, mobility, and security. 

Increase productivity
Microsoft 365 comes with a host of new features that will help you improve productivity, enhance your Office apps with the latest AI tools and online file storage, allowing you to access your files from anywhere at any time.

✔ Simple Scalability
With Microsoft 365, you pay for what you use. As your organization grows, you pay for the additional services and storage you need. No more overpaying for something your company won’t use.

✔ Instant Updates
Don’t lose out on a single update. With Microsoft 365, you get instant access to updates, bug fixes and new innovations as soon as they’re ready.

✔ Extensible Security
Microsoft 365 gives you all the tools you need to keep your data safe and compliant—and it’s easy to use. With native security capabilities built in, Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive and integrated solution that helps protect your organization from threats and meet compliance requirements.

Experience it first with Third Octet

Understanding the options and experiences around Microsoft 365 can be a challenge.  Before committing to a solution, experience what life would be like beforehand with our immersive and conceptual experiences.  Customized to suit your unique requirements, our immservice experiences demonstrate how Microsoft 365 can transform IT and employee experience from frontline workers to backend administrators.  

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