Bettering the world through technology requires staying on your toes and daring to deliver the latest innovations. However, it can’t be done without prioritizing security, efficiency, and user-friendliness, regardless of the operating environment. Even as remote deployments are quickly becoming the new normal for many companies, there’s a need to use the right managed IT services to maintain active monitoring and a means of expert support.

With Third Octet’s managed IT services, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to implement a dependable, well-rounded solution. We proudly take the guesswork out of everything from security audits to permissions management and data encryption, making it easier for your team to focus on delivering your best. We’ll take care of the rest.

A Security-First Approach

The modern digital workspace should be collaborative and conducive to efficiency, but not without a concrete security strategy in place. We’ve got you covered with a complete suite of proactive services including IT infrastructure management, active monitoring, server and firewall administration, and proactive maintenance. Patches are anything but painful, and you’re always kept in the know of any adjustments to the software you use. In short, we’re here to ensure you’re better protected against cyber threats and data corruption. We can also ensure your backups are securely encrypted and cloud migrations are performed smoothly. Nothing is left to chance.

We Take Compliance and Scalability Needs Seriously

From the initial procurement stage through to rollout, maintaining full regulatory and vendor compliance is essential. So too is having a solution that can flex and adapt to company growth. Our managed IT services can help you identify and address any processes that need refining, no matter what stage you’re at in your business journey. We only sell what we can support, which is why you won’t be left on your own to make the necessary adjustments to your infrastructure. Meeting the needs of your business often means respecting the needs of others you collaborate with, and we’re here to make sure that happens as smoothly and effectively as possible.

An MSP Who Knows Their ABCs – with Credentials to Prove it!

With our breadth of experience across multiple technical disciplines – and as Citrix Platinum and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partners – we’re capable of covering all the angles so you don’t have to. We’re also happy to work with your in-house IT team, either taking a load off their backs or helping them perform more efficiently while adopting more effective refinements to your infrastructure.

We’re more than just a managed service provider; we’re your dedicated infrastructure auditors and risk assessors.

Location-Based Service Provisioning

Are you managing a remotely deployed team, possibly across several departments? That’s a lot of dataflow and communicating to contend with, not to mention permissions and other elements. With Third Octet’s managed IT services, we can focus core efficiencies on location-based parameters, meaning it’s easier than ever to optimize for the needs of remote workers. The same applies to those travelling abroad for company purposes – getting ahold of that essential report or presentation is now a stress-free experience.

Know Where and When Your Data is Being Accessed

Another benefit to the location-based technology used in our managed IT services is that you’ll always know who is accessing what. If a security risk is identified, shutting down a siloed archive of data and isolating the threat is quick and easy with the help of our team. Our approach to compliance is strict and thorough, leaving no verifiable risk elements for you to worry about – even if you migrate to cloud-based solutions. We can zero in on a specific IP address, trace and track it, and accurately identify whether they are an employee or an imposter.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Managed IT Services FAQs

  • What if I only need a few key services?

    Don’t worry. Third Octet is happy to provide a custom-configured solution well within your budget, all while still aligning with specific use cases and compliance needs. What’s more, as the managers and auditors of your infrastructure, we can make well-informed recommendations on what tweaks and refinements will help your team perform more efficiently. Each client situation is treated as unique by our technicians and support staff – that way, we make thoughtful and personalized refinements that benefit you.

  • Do you offer disaster recovery solutions as part of managed IT?

    Absolutely. To us, managed IT means managed infrastructure, and that includes everything from security patches and performance updates to reducing failover via dependable backups. With active monitoring and systemwide maintenance, none of your data slips through the cracks, and your emergency recovery strategy will be updated based on any changes we need to make elsewhere.

  • Why is location-based management so important?

    There are two key reasons: security and accessibility, which actually go hand in hand. While we need to ensure your mobile and onsite teams can maintain productivity, communications and efficiency standards without any digital roadblocks, we also need to have strong enough barriers to cyber threats. Focusing primarily on the onsite elements of your IT infrastructure leaves businesses open to weak points in their security processes. Our approach is to cover every angle so you don’t have to, keeping everyone safe and capable of working as a team, even if they’re not in the same room.

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