History of Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Welcome to October, an entire month dedicated to cybersecurity awareness. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Month was created in 2004 to raise awareness of cybersecurity risks and how best to protect themselves from potential cyber-attacks.  A collaborative effort between industry and government agencies working together to ensure every single person and business has the resources they need when it comes down to protecting yourself online – both physically as well as digitally!  Since its inception, the month has only grown more important as our lives become increasingly digitized.


For many, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a time to take stock of the risks they face online. From personal security measures such as passwords and encryption keys all the way up through government infrastructure like digitally signing legislation or overseeing emergency response teams – there’s no shortage when it comes down to protecting yourself from digital threats! Yet even though we know how important cybersecurity can be for our lives every day- sometimes people still don’t get enough attention paid in their communities despite this being an issue affecting everyone these days.

Everyone plays a part

We are only one of many industry participants taking this month to educate our community on the importance of cybersecurity.

For all 31 days of the month, we will be giving you essential tips on how to build up your personal and business cybersecurity.  Each of these tips will bring you new avenues for protecting yourself online and help you build a fortress of digital protections around yourself.  Also, stay tuned for weekly blog posts that will give you even more information on how to stay safe online.  Make sure that you’re following us on Twitter (@thirdoctet), so you don’t miss out on any of the cybersecurity goodness we have in October and jump back to our blog every week through October for more insight.

Leading with Security

Our services and solutions lead with a security mindset designed to leave you more secure than when we found you.  Whether implementing a Zero Trust model through Digital Workspaces and Modern Endpoints, adopting cloud-based security services through Microsoft Azure and 365, or mitigating risk associated with phishing and malicious content in e-mail… we have you covered from the endpoint to the cloud.

Get Secure

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