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Our cloud-based infrastructure can be built to your specifications, powering your applications and delivering software applications to users in a fast, secure and consistent manner, regardless of the user’s location or device.

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Gain increased visibility into application performance, faster delivery with continuous integration, and secure management through self-service portals.


Application and desktop delivery improve employee productivity by allowing customers to deliver applications and desktops to users quickly, securely and consistently regardless of the user’s location. This can help employees be more productive and efficient.


One of the most effective ways to protect your data is by centralizing it. When you’re able to manage all of your applications and desktops from a single point, you can put in place better security measures to make sure that your data stays safe.


Centralizing application and desktop delivery allows you to deliver applications and desktops to users on any device, from anywhere. This provides a more flexible, mobile workforce that is able to access the tools they need to get their jobs done from anywhere in the world.


One of the biggest benefits of centralized application and desktop delivery is that it’s scalable. With this type of solution, customers can easily scale up or down as needed, which can help to reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

Why use Third Octet for your application delivery?

We have over 15 years of delivering applications for businesses of all sizes. With centralizing the delivery of applications and desktops, businesses can improve productivity, security, flexibility, and scalability for their operations. It’s time to help employees to be more productive and efficient. Centralized application delivery allows businesses to secure their applications and data with a single point of control, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. Furthermore, it allows businesses to deliver applications and desktops to users on any device, from anywhere, providing a more flexible and mobile workforce.

How does Third Octet help me maximize uptime?

We work closely with our team to monitor individual VM performance parameters. If a remote employee requires access to a specific application, OS variant or otherwise, we ensure that they’re set up with everything they need. Along with a focus on network stability and hassle-free firmware updates, you won’t suffer from needless downtime through virtualization – it’ll be quite the opposite.

Are all workstation applications covered?

Absolutely. We know how important it is that your workforce, especially if they operate under highly specific protocols, can maintain everyday efficiency no matter where they are. Enabling seamless, stabilized access to onsite desktop interfaces is essential, but so is maintaining full compatibility with the apps, cloud-based data systems and other tools you would normally utilize. Our virtual desktop support services are capable of identifying and addressing any issues in that regard.

Can you bring VMs over to the new infrastructure, even if from an existing cloud setup?

Absolutely. Third Octet is proud to manage VMs and VHDs with care and precision, providing active monitoring and security before, during and after the migration is complete. Whether you have concerns regarding bandwidth, filesystem storage or VRAM, we can take care of these and other issues even if cross-migrating from one cloud solution to another.

Do you assist with buildouts and deployments?

Yes. In addition to feasibility analyses and generating a list of required changes, our team can measure and build out a VHD solution with ease. Design and deployment are handled by our technicians with years of practical experience. In addition, we’re happy to carry out regular performance tweaks and other optimizations to keep your setup running smoothly – and without getting in the way of your day-to-day operations.

Do I need to invest in servers and other expensive equipment?

Most likely not. Today’s virtualization solutions are designed for widespread compatibility – even a cost-effective Chromebook is capable of accessing a virtual desktop with the right hosted solution in place. Of course, if you’re needing to kit out multiple departments of dozens of users, your networking needs will change. This is why we perform feasibility studies and inspect your existing framework: to identify any risks or complications, then present a time and cost-efficient way forward.

Can you ensure our access and permissions are actively managed?

Yes. Security and stability are critical elements of any successful VHD solution. Third Octet’s multi-layered security and access control prevents intrusions and unwanted snooping in sensitive data archives. We can ensure only specified individuals (and IP addresses) are permitted to open, share, zip/unzip, or download certain files or folders. Along with a state-of-the-art firewall and proactive zero trust strategies, we work tirelessly to ensure lasting peace of mind for clients and their employees – even when working remotely from home.

Utilize Application Delivery with other great solutions

We understand that managing your IT services can be a challenging task. That’s why we have created scalable service offerings that integrate all of your disparate services into one easy-to-manage solution. Our all-in-one package includes Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, endpoint devices, support, delivery, onboarding, integration, and provisioning, giving you the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of. We know that taking on such a massive load can be overwhelming, so we are here to manage it all for you. By choosing our services, you can focus on what matters most – growing your business – while we handle the rest.