Congratulations on completing the challenge!

You’ve successfully navigated through the 13 essential security challenges, significantly enhancing the security of your Microsoft 365 environment. This accomplishment marks a pivotal step in fortifying your Microsoft 365 environment.

Take a moment to reflect on the journey you’ve completed…

Challenge #1 – Empower with Self-Service Password Reset

Challenge #3 – Secure Data by Restricting User Consent

Challenge #5 – Enhance Security with Safe Attachments

Challenge #7 – Shield Against Malicious Hyperlinks

Challenge #9 – Secure Sharing with Automatic Guest Expirations

Challenge #11 – Block Harmful Email Attachments

Challenge #13 – Implement MFA for All Users

Challenge #2 – Combat MFA Fatigue with Microsoft Authenticator

Challenge #4 – Stay Alert with Spam Notifications

Challenge #6 – Implement Malware Alerting System

Challenge #8 – Adopt Modern Password Policies

Challenge #10 – Enhance Privacy in Teams Meetings

Challenge #12 – Strengthen Admin Security with MFA

Revisit your Secure Score

Now is the perfect time to revisit your Microsoft Secure Score. Compare your current score to Day 1’s – you’ll likely see a noticeable improvement, reflecting the positive impact of your efforts.

Continuous Security

While these 13 challenges have significantly elevated your security, remember, cybersecurity is an ongoing journey. The technology landscape constantly evolves, as do the threats within it. The controls you’ve implemented are part of a larger security framework encompassing over 80 controls, each designed to further strengthen your defenses in Microsoft 365 and beyond. Maintaining and continually enhancing your security posture is vital in staying ahead of these ever-changing threats.

Next Steps

We’re not just leaving you here! Our team will reach out to gather your feedback on the Level Up Challenge and discuss how you found the experience. More importantly, we’ll explore ways to continue advancing your security practices, both within Microsoft 365 and across your entire digital landscape. Together, let’s strategize on how to maintain and manage your security, ensuring your business remains resilient and protected.