At Third Octet, we’re confident that the future of business management will rely heavily on digitization. In fact, many companies are already at that point and have been for some time. Every day, more folks are migrating to the cloud to take advantage of considerable cost savings, streamlining redundant tasks through automation and empowering their employees with collaboration-friendly digital tools.

Our aim is to spotlight the validity of making the switch. It’s not ideal for every business but, if you’re one who can truly benefit from cloud migration, we can help you make the leap. Our years of professional migration experience enables us to tick all the necessary boxes in terms of security protocols, minimizing complexity and following best practices. Discover a smarter cloud solution for smarter growth today!

Cut Costs and Complications

Gone are the days of annual hardware and component upgrades. Thanks to innovations such as our own DaaS, SaaS and CaaS solutions, migrating is anything but painful. It’s also a great way to drive down operating costs and simplify processes while taking a large amount of mundane work off the backs of your in-house IT team and other employees. That translates to improved productivity, greater stability, hassle-free filesharing with appropriate permissions in place, and optimized labour allocation through task automation. In addition, by working with us, your team can benefit from further cost optimizations to help govern your cloud budget.

Support You Can Count On

Our online support desk will never leave you in the lurch. The guiding principle of Third Octet is to only sell what we can support, and our support team is one of the most capable around. We can assist with monitoring, remote support, documentation and more whenever you need us. Our experts also are fully compliant with any established Service and Operating Level Agreements.

Industry-Leading Performance and Stability

Modern cloud migration solutions from dependable providers like Citrix and Microsoft are designed with a worker-first philosophy. That’s why we implement this standard ourselves; Third Octet is proud to be both Citrix Platinum and Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partners. We’re digital workspace experts and can help you optimize your migration for everything from maintaining compliance to getting the most out of your analytics.

Ready to discover the benefits of migrating to the cloud? We’re ready to help you begin your digital transformation with personalized, powerful solutions. Contact us today to learn more.