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Conceptually defining a hybrid cloud strategy may be simple; execution is where the strategy falls apart, creating misconceptions about the native benefits of public cloud.  Take our advice – cloud is not for everything.

Third Octet - Walk on beach The approach to Platform Evolution – the incorporation of public cloud into traditional on-premises architectures – is an infinite step journey on an infinite path.  Running is not recommended.

In order to successfully execute on a transition to hybrid cloud, strategy is just as important as execution.  Strategy must be based on a building block approach – identifying the foundational components that are mandatory (such as connectivity, identity and security controls); categorizing services into the “need-to-haves” versus the “nice-to-haves” where the “need” is driven by sound technical and business justification, not categorical bias; and lastly, appreciate that although cloud can satisfy many demands, it is not for everything – it’s okay to ignore that legacy and cumbersome multi-tier application.

Execution requires collaboration, patience, constant monitoring, and deep expertise in the nuances and variability in cloud services to accomplish alignment with strategy.


This is why at Third Octet we believe traditional data center architectures evolve to include public cloud capabilities, becoming an extension of your service delivery efforts, not a displacement approach.

Our ability to evolve platforms involves deep understanding of transitioning what makes sense and ensuring the benefits of public cloud remain advantageous for the business – not only to support agility for the future of work, but to keep costs under control.

This is also why we believe platform evolution is an infinite journey
as initial transitions prove successful, abilities to continue modernization across services can begin.


Take a Walk with Us on your Cloud Journey.