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remote work strategy

COVID-19 and the fear and uncertainty around the virus are testing the ultimate capabilities of businesses to maintain productivity in the event of ongoing spread and, in many cases, highlighting improper planning around business continuity. Businesses must now focus on sustaining productivity by providing potential accommodations for a remote work strategy, ideally while avoiding complex technology decisions.

Keep it simple.

SWIFT is designed to provide quick deployment services to enable remote accessibility to your existing desktop fleet, avoiding the need for resource-heavy efforts in data center capacity and architecture. This turnkey strategy can be deployed within weeks, with high confidence factors and minimized demand on your internal IT resources, both during implementation and with ongoing support. SWIFT also provides a foundational platform to allow for continued innovation amongst ongoing entropy in the workforce.

We are still here to help.

We are experts in building platforms to support remote work requirements, driven by our experience and capabilities in Citrix technologies.  We also serve to Better the World through Technology, making us uniquely qualified to assist in the technology demands around today’s challenging times, which are now forcing quick business decisions.  SWIFT is not designed to capitalize on growing concern; instead, it is a value-based proposition to provide services in a cost-effective and fixed manner, and potentially complimentary, to expedite remote work functionality.  Our procurement team, if required, and professional services team will work closely with your internal IT staff to provide remote capabilities to your existing desktop fleet by leveraging the capabilities of Citrix Cloud, or an existing on-premises deployment, turning around a production-ready platform within two weeks.


In a traditional approach to client needs, we follow a process involving collaboration and creativity to define an ideal solution for the organization, addressing both technical and business requirements. Unfortunately, with COVID-19, time may be a limiting factor – we must forego the traditional approach and provide a quick method for organizations to adopt a remote work strategy without necessarily articulating the architecture clearly. The most straight-forward strategy to implement an expeditious remote work strategy is based on Citrix Cloud, Remote PC, and professional services.

Citrix’s Remote PC has been around for quite some time. Essentially, Remote PC allows existing desktop computers to become accessible at any time and from any place, especially outside of the physical office. Powered by the same software that provides centralization, such as VDI and DaaS, Remote PC is a simple and cost-effective approach to quick remote accessibility, avoiding the need to focus on data center capacity and build out. Remote PC also provides the exact workspace environment users have been using since day one – their existing desktops – and with the same user experience as being physically in the office.

Further, Citrix Cloud minimizes the need to deploy the management layer to support Citrix Remote PC, as well as the accessibility requirements, such as Citrix ADC (NetScaler). Citrix Cloud Gateway Service immediately provides remote access once existing desktops have been incorporated into the Citrix strategy.


If you are interested in leveraging our SWIFT capabilities, continue below to start the process or contact us via phone or e-mail.  We will connect with you within four hours of submitting your request. If you need to acquire Citrix licensing or subscription to meet SWIFT requirements, our services may be complimentary.

If you are already engaged with a Citrix partner, we suggest you discuss a Remote PC strategy with them to assist with your business need.

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