Matthew Metelsky

“I like our technology solutions, but I love our people even more – their creativity, passion, and expertise is what drives this company forward.”

With over 18 years of IT experience, including 13 years of business management as partner and co-founder of Third Octet, Matthew serves as CEO for Third Octet driving technology strategy and vision internally and externally, contributing to IT leadership, research and development of the technology portfolio, and thought leadership in the fields of cloud, virtualization, and computing efficiencies.  Under Third Octet, Matthew has guided teams of architects and engineers implementing and managing solutions at leading organizations across the globe, including Fortune 100 and Fortune 500.  Certified across many technology stacks, including Microsoft, VMware and, notably, Citrix, where in 2016, Matthew became one of the first in Canada to sit and pass the Citrix Practicum, giving Third Octet Citrix Specialist designation.