The 1 Biggest Secret to Success and Happiness

Written by Erin Brennan

April 26, 2018

Image Source: Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what it takes to live the good life? Have you ever wondered what the secret to success and happiness is?

After studying the lives of 724 men for 79 Years, Harvard reveals the 1 Biggest Secret to Success and Happiness. It has nothing to do with fame, wealth, social class, IQ, genes, etc.

Flourishing in life is a function of close ties with family, friends, and community.

Collaboration Tools Microsoft Skype, Cisco Spark and Slack enable employees to stay connected.

According to Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, “People who are more isolated than they want to be from others find that they are less happy, their health declines earlier in midlife, their brain functioning declines sooner and they live shorter lives than people who are not lonely. And the sad fact is that at any given time, more than one in five Americans will report that they’re lonely.”

As companies become more distributed, allowing employees to work remotely, it seems important to ensure that teams stay connected. Collaboration tools, such as Slack (and all of its competitors) and Cisco Spark can be essential in minimizing isolation.

Want to improve your success in life and business? The results of this study will show you how.

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