The Future of Work Requires the Modern Workplace

Written by Erin Brennan

October 15, 2019

Future of Work

The Future of Work, the ability to innovate for economic growth and provide value and meaning for stakeholders, customers and the workforce, requires organizations to reshape their processes and teams for more agility and creativity, supported by emerging technologies.

To achieve this, the Future of Work requires the Modern Workplace.  What is the Modern Workplace? It is an integration of people, place and technology. Not old technology, but Modern IT.

Modern Workplace Design and Modern IT foster collaboration opportunities to create new ideas and solve complex problems for more innovation and meaningful work for higher engagement.

Most offices are still designed for linear work and don’t enable
accessible workflow, activities and behaviours required
for design thinking and agile methodologies.

How do you achieve the Modern Workplace?

Provide your workforce with Modern Workplace Design. It unleashes creativity, collaboration and innovation.

Integrate Modern IT

Modern IT enables digital and mobile devices to access work applications anywhere, anytime, for agile work flows, uninhibited creativity and collaboration, securely.

Steelcase and Microsoft have been working together since 2017 to explore how a thoughtfully designed ecosystem of places and devices can support the new ways teams and individuals are working. They work together with a shared commitment to put people at the center of how place and technology intersect and empower individuals and teams to do their best work.

“We’re starting to see movement away from the traditional corporate office toward workplaces that are more like creative studios – a plurality of spaces, each designed to support people and the technologies that can make their work easier. Now we’re coming to work because it’s where we share, collaborate and build on each other’s ideas. That makes supporting the modes of thinking, communicating and creating a super relevant task. Technology can be a tool to amplify our thinking throughout the entire process. We can take our content with us wherever we want to work. It will always be there, with the right security and the speed of light.”

JAMES LUDWIG Vice President, Global Design, Steelcase

Activating Collaboration

Microsoft and Steelcase are giving teams unprecedented control over how they collaborate. To help organizations accelerate the shift toward more creative work, Steelcase and Microsoft co-developed Creative Spaces, an interdependent ecosystem of spaces and technologies designed for the diverse modes of creative work.

Third Octet is pleased to introduce this collaboration and augment design with technologies to support the Modern Workplace, whenever appropriate.

About Steelcase:

Steelcase leads the way in creating great experiences by offering a range of architecture, furniture and technology products and services designed to help people reach their full potential.

About Microsoft:

Microsoft software helps people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

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