Mining gold in the cloud

Written by Matthew Metelsky

November 25, 2019

Do More with Less

These days, the technology landscape is strikingly similar to the California Gold Rush of the mid 1800s. Emerging technologies like AI, analytics, and hybrid and multi-cloud computing hold amazing promise for those that can “mine” it effectively and use it for company benefit.

But before companies can strike it rich and create competitive advantage through these and other innovations, they must first prepare their infrastructures for the future. And sadly, most organizations have a long way to go.

That’s because most initial forays into the cloud have actually created more complexity, more siloes, more security risks, and worst of all, more user dissatisfaction over how work gets done.

Why? The adoption of cloud services has required a greater investment in point solutions for management of app delivery, security, content collaboration, networking and endpoints. These point solutions are typically not integrated, have their own unique requirements, and often require specialized resources to manage them.

Fortunately, there’s hope. With a secure digital workspace, you can bring all these solutions together in an integrated fashion, so that your IT team and your users can tap into the lucrative promise of the cloud—and extract maximum value.

The premise of a secure digital workspace is simple: do more with less – a critical factor in achieving work life balance. Everything is managed under a one simple and efficient “console”.  That means fewer point solutions, fewer siloes, fewer security gaps, and even fewer passwords for your users to manage. It also provides your business with more agility and visibility over your entire infrastructure.

Here’s some important benefits that a secure digital workspace can deliver:

Centralized intelligent workspace management

As mentioned, with a workspace, IT gets the ability to manage multiple services and solutions from one place. App delivery, identity management, access control, and network security are just a few of the things that are available right at your fingertips. Better yet, you also get visibility across your infrastructure to mitigate or eliminate risks and vulnerabilities—or proactively address them before they become real issues. (Cough.  Work life balance).

Faster onboarding

A secure digital workspace gives administrators the power to quickly onboard new employees, contract workers, or entire offices—wherever they are located and regardless of the device or network they’re using. No more traveling to remote offices or redundant training sessions for multiple services. Users can be authorized and empowered to work in significantly less time.  (Psst.  Work life balance).

Quicker rollout of new apps and services

Instead of building, testing, and launching new applications or desktops in weeks, or even months, a secure workspace can significantly reduce roll-out time to days—and in some cases, even hours. For example, IT teams can build, test and deploy new Windows 10 apps in one workload while simultaneously running daily operations to roll out and manage updates to legacy Win32 apps workloads—regardless of where workloads are hosted.  (Ahem.  Work life balance).

Fewer help-desk calls

With the multitude of services now available on the cloud, users are having to manage (and juggle) multiple passwords and user names to get access to the vital apps and data they need to do their jobs. With a secure digital workspace, you can enable users with single sign-on access to all apps (SaaS, web, virtual, or mobile) and dramatically cut the number of help-desk calls from employees requesting resets. (Drum roll…. Work life balance).

When it comes to the cloud, the rush is on. And it’ll be the organizations that are able to harness, control, and secure the cloud in the most effective and usable ways that will reap the benefits. Will your business be one of them?

To learn more about how you can conquer the cloud with a secure digital workspace, check out our e-book today.

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