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Challenge #3

Secure Data by Restricting User Consent

Enhance your data security by managing user consent for applications in Microsoft 365. Ensure every app accessing your company’s data receives your explicit approval.

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Every application your team uses could be a gateway to sensitive company data. But what if users, unknowingly or accidentally, give these applications access to your information? That’s where the power of restricting user consent comes into play. This setting in Microsoft 365 ensures that any application seeking access to your data doesn’t get a free pass—it must be approved by you, the administrator, or whoever is responsible for IT (e.g., Third Octet).

Think of your company data as a treasure that needs guarding. Without proper oversight, it’s like leaving the treasure chest unlocked. By managing user consent, you’re effectively putting a robust lock on this chest. This way, only applications that have your explicit permission can access your precious data, keeping out those that might misuse it. Remember, it’s not about limiting your team’s tools; it’s about making sure each tool is safe and right for your business.


    Adjusting your Microsoft 365 settings to restrict user consent is straightforward. Here’s how to ensure that applications access your company data only with your approval:

      Step 1: Go to the Entra Admin Center

      On your computer, launch a new browser window (Edge, Chrome), and type in https://entra.microsoft.com/ and press enter.

      Note: You will require Microsoft 365 administrative credentials – be sure to have the username and password ready.

      Step 4: Set Restriction on User Consent
      • Within Consent and user permissions, find the section for User consent for applications
      • There are three available options:
      Step 2: Navigate to Application Settings

      Within the Microsoft Entra Admin Center:

      • Look for and select Identity along the left-hand side menu
      • Under Identity, look for and select Applications
      • Under Applications, select Enterprise applications
      Step 5: Save Your Settings
      • Once you are satisfied, click Save by selecting the Save icon on the top of the User consent settings window.
      Step 3: Modify Consent and Permissions
      • Within the Enterprise applications window, under Security, find and select Consent and permissions

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