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Port Credit Mississauga

Written by Third Octet

September 6, 2023

Just as a ship relies on its compass and the guidance of a lighthouse to navigate treacherous waters, we understand that businesses today lean on trusted partners to steer their IT journey. As we evolve and adapt to the changing business landscape, we are excited to announce a significant beacon of change in our company’s journey.

After nearly a decade in Vaughan, we’re thrilled to drop anchor in Port Credit, a place resonating with its iconic Lighthouse.

Why The Move?

The recent pandemic reshaped many facets of how we work. As we expanded our horizons and tapped into talents beyond our typical geographies, remote work became a significant part of our operations. And while the digital realm has been our playground, the importance of a physical space that complements this new era cannot be underestimated.

With our growth and transformation as managed IT experts for the modern SMB, we felt it was time for a setting that resonates with our vision: guiding, strategizing, and illuminating your path forward.

Our New Abode: A Blend of History and Innovation 

You’ll find a charming, turn-of-the-century home in our new office. While more compact than our previous space, it’s been meticulously designed as a collaboration hub. The intimate setting fosters interaction and creativity, allowing our team to brainstorm, interact, and ideate more effectively than ever. The cozy spaces, historical touches, and modern amenities form a backdrop that inspires innovation while paying homage to the rich tapestry of Port Credit’s past.

Our Digital Lighthouse: Website & Customer Portal

While our physical location enhances collaboration and creativity, we’re equally excited about our digital evolution. We’ve revamped our website, giving it a fresh, user-friendly look to serve you better. Our new customer portal is live, offering a seamless interface to work and collaborate with us. As lighthouses evolved with technology, we’re adapting new ways to make your IT journey smooth and effective.

Hello, Port Credit!

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Here’s to new beginnings, shared growth, and a promising future in Port Credit! Get in touch with us today.

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