Why Switch Your Managed Services Provider?

Are you confident your current MSP is equipped to handle tomorrow’s challenges?

Many companies rely on Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to optimize their IT infrastructure and streamline operations. As business needs evolve and technology advances, transitioning to a new MSP can become a strategic imperative. While switching MSPs might seem daunting, the process can be remarkably smooth and beneficial with Third Octet. Let’s explore how this transition can be transformative for your business.

Understanding the Hesitation

Many businesses hesitate to switch MSPs due to fears of disruption, loss of control, and uncertainty about the transition process. CEOs often worry about potential downtime, data security risks, and the complexity of migrating IT systems. While these concerns are valid, they should not overshadow the advantages of finding the right MSP partner aligned with your current and future needs. At Third Octet, we address these concerns with precision and care, ensuring a smooth transition that enhances your operational success.

Exploring the Status Quo

Businesses frequently underestimate the risks and inefficiencies associated with their current IT setups. One critical area that often gets overlooked is the overall security posture. For example, the average Microsoft Secure Score for SMBs is typically below optimal levels, exposing them to significant security risks. According to Microsoft, the average Secure Score for SMBs ranges between 30-40%, indicating a substantial gap in security practices and protocols. Considering that the Microsoft Secure Score is a “measurement of an organization’s security posture,” a failing grade is not great.

The Unknowns CEOs Should Be Conscious Of:

      • Security Vulnerabilities: A low Microsoft Secure Score often means the organization has unaddressed security vulnerabilities. These can include weak password policies, a lack of multi-factor authentication, outdated software, and insufficient data protection measures.
      • Compliance Risks: Many SMBs are unaware that their current IT practices do not comply with industry standards and regulations. This can lead to potential legal issues and financial penalties.
      • Operational Inefficiencies: Suboptimal IT setups can lead to frequent downtime, slow response times, and inadequate support, all of which can hinder business operations and growth.
      • Reactive IT Management: Many SMBs operate in a reactive IT management mode, addressing issues only as they arise rather than proactively preventing them. This can lead to higher costs and more significant disruptions in the long run.

Third Octet’s Proactive Approach

At Third Octet, we take an aggressive and proactive approach to improving our customers’ Microsoft Secure Score as a core component of our Workplace Suite. Here’s how we make a difference:


      • Comprehensive Risk Assessments: We conduct detailed risk assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities, ensuring your IT environment is secure and compliant.
      • Security Best Practices: Our proactive measures include implementing best practices such as multi-factor authentication, regular software updates, and robust data protection protocols.
      • Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: We continuously monitor your IT environment and provide ongoing recommendations to improve your Microsoft Secure Score. This not only enhances security but also boosts operational efficiency.
      • Strategic IT Planning: By improving your security posture, we enable better conversations about strategic IT initiatives that drive business growth rather than constantly dealing with IT issues.
Why switching your managed IT services provider can be good

Enhanced Security and Compliance: A Critical Factor for Switching MSPs

Cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. An MSP’s ability to provide robust security measures and ensure compliance with current regulations is crucial. According to an Info-Tech Research Group survey, 63% of companies have switched MSPs following a cybersecurity incident. This trend underscores the urgent need for competent, proactive security management. At Third Octet, we go beyond the standard security measures, offering unique solutions tailored to your business’s specific needs, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

According to our CEO, “many SMBs may not appreciate the proactive approach to security, often thinking that breaches won’t happen to them. Yet many SMBs are targeted precisely because of their perceived weaknesses. Security should be at the top of any business leader’s mind, and a security-first mindset is something we need to instill across all layers of any business. After all, a secure customer is a happy customer.”

Businesses must fortify their defenses against potential breaches that can lead to severe financial and reputational damage. Enhanced security services are not just a preference but a critical imperative for many businesses when choosing a new MSP.

Consider one of our clients, a company heavily involved in data-sensitive operations. They were at a crossroads when their previous MSP could not scale their security measures to meet advanced compliance requirements. The risk of stagnation was real—without the ability to assure their customers of stringent data protection, they faced potential business losses and reputational harm.

They recognized the gaps in their existing MSP’s capabilities and turned to Third Octet. We conducted a comprehensive risk assessment and immediately implemented a layered security strategy tailored to meet current and anticipated compliance standards. Our proactive approach fortified their IT infrastructure and restored their customers’ confidence in safeguarding sensitive data.

The transition was smooth, with meticulous planning and constant communication ensuring minimal disruption to their operations. Our new client experienced firsthand the difference that a skilled and resourceful MSP can make, particularly in critical areas such as cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

The Simplicity Behind the Switch

Switching MSPs need not be complex. With Third Octet, the process involves:

    • Thorough Planning: We start by comprehensively evaluating your current IT setup, identifying pain points, and aligning with your business objectives.
    • Clear Communication: We maintain transparency throughout the process, setting clear expectations and keeping you informed every step of the way.
    • Expert-Led Transition: Our team of seasoned IT professionals ensures the switch is managed efficiently without disrupting your daily operations.

Critical Steps for a Smooth Transition

    • In-Depth Evaluation: Assess your current MSP relationship, identifying pain points, unmet needs, and future objectives. This evaluation informs your search for a new provider and ensures alignment with your business goals.
    • Data Security Assurance: Security is paramount during any transition. Ensure your current and new MSPs adhere to rigorous security protocols and compliance standards. Establish clear data transfer and storage protocols to mitigate risks and safeguard sensitive information.
    • Customized IT Solutions: Seek a new MSP offering tailored solutions to meet your needs. Look for providers who understand your business requirements and customize their services accordingly.
    • Seamless Integration: Work closely with your new MSP to develop a detailed migration plan, including timelines, milestones, and contingency measures. Test systems rigorously before finalizing the switch to minimize disruptions.

Benefits of Switching to Third Octet

    • Cost Efficiency: Discover significant savings through efficient technology use and resource allocation.
    • Superior Service Quality: Experience enhanced service with advanced, proactive support tailored to your business needs.
    • Increased Scalability and Flexibility: As your business grows, our services adapt, ensuring you’re always equipped to handle new challenges and opportunities.
    • Strategic Business Alignment: Aligning our services with your long-term business strategy transforms our role from a service provider to a trusted strategic advisor.

Your Next Steps

At Third Octet, we believe in providing clear and actionable next steps. Here’s how you can start your journey with us:

  1. Explore Our Level Up Challenge: Engage in our 30-day exercise to improve your Microsoft Secure Score. This challenge suits any organization looking to enhance its security posture and gain insights into potential vulnerabilities.
  2. Start Small and Build Trust: While our Workplace Suite offers holistic and flexible Managed IT Services, we understand that starting small can help build trust. Begin with our Microsoft Security assessments and remediation initiatives to see how we can add continuous value to your business.
  3. Contact Us for an In-Depth Exploration: Contact us for a comprehensive discussion on how to build a great partnership. We’ll provide a detailed exploration of our services and demonstrate how we can support your business goals.

Your Partner in Growth

Switching to Third Octet is not just changing an IT provider; it’s stepping into a partnership that drives your business forward. By choosing us, you gain more than services; you gain a partner dedicated to your success. We’re committed to ensuring your transition is as beneficial as possible, empowering your business to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Ready to explore a partnership that goes beyond the typical? Contact Third Octet today to learn how our proactive, customized IT security solutions can protect your business and support your growth.

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