Beyond Citrix Experts: Closing Argument

Written by Erin Brennan

February 11, 2020

What sparked this all was the question from a potential client, a VP of IT, of whether it might be a challenge for us to assist with Microsoft Azure, as we are “the Citrix experts”.  To that VP of IT, who is now a client, we explained our story and the stories of transformation we guided other organizations through.  We shared the contacts of clients with whom he could speak openly about our expertise in transformation.  We were upfront about our expertise, our strengths, and importantly our weaknesses.  We spoke at great length about how we are great at Citrix, but we’re also great at identifying all the critical components that make Citrix tick – components that need to work well regardless of whether Citrix is being used or not.  We identified the importance of the iceberg analogy, explaining the criticality of each layer, especially the 90% of layers that sit below the visible surface.  We also explained the importance of the operations layer – the buoyancy that keeps the iceberg afloat and stable – and how we operate in a collaborative manner to ensure the success of our engagements with clients.

To that end, our response to the VP of IT’s question to us was…

“We’ve been building Citrix on different platforms our entire existence – those which align to client technical and business needs.  Some clients choose to build platforms that are comprised of multi-tier architectures, some choose to build on hyperconverged and some choose to build on Azure.  Often, clients choose to build on several platforms.  At the end of the day, if we were not able to build on a particular platform, how would that make us Citrix experts?”

In closing, we are experts in Citrix and are proud to carry that recognition.

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