Cloud Journey #4: Cloud File Sharing and Storage

Written by Erin Brennan

March 18, 2020

Your business runs on files. But the way they’re stored and shared now, in all probability, is outdated, unsecured and inefficient.

That’s why cloud-based file sharing is a natural foundation for any company’s journey to the cloud. It requires minimal change, and you get a fast return on investment. Plus, because file sharing touches every department and process, you make a big impact with very little cost or effort.

Cloud file sharing allows your staff to store documents, photos, videos and other files in the cloud and share them with other people, synchronizing files across multiple devices. You may know the basic idea from consumer-grade services like DropBox, Box or GoogleDrive, but business-class cloud file sharing is far richer, more secure and better-integrated with the way you work.

The Benefits of Cloud File Sharing

The business case for cloud file sharing writes itself:

  • Secure your files better: With bank-level encryption, two-factor authentication and remote back-up for fast recovery from disaster. Plus, you won’t need to take back-up drives home anymore.
  • Cure email overload: A great way to send and receive large and sensitive files, with no file size restrictions.
  • Simplify teamwork: Click. Tap. Share. This is collaboration made easy (even on files bigger than 10GB). Everyone works on the latest version, whether they’re in a web browser or on a mobile device, with secure links that are easy to share by email or instant messaging.
  • Comply with your industry regulations: Secure, compliant archiving for sensitive records is the foundation of compliance.

A few use cases:

  • A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) replaces paper and unsecured thumb-drives with digital processes and much more secure client communications.
  • A loan officer sends secure links to encrypted documents right from Microsoft Outlook, cutting days off the approval process.
  • A physiotherapy clinic shares confidential patient records and scans between physicians and patients.
  • A marketing agency speeds up approvals on creative campaigns and keeps clients reviewing the latest versions.

Once file sharing is in place and your files are secure and accessible from any device, you’re ready for the natural next step: cloud-based applications – the topic of our next blog.

Meantime, contact us to learn more.

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