Collaborative Services for Professional Services Customer Story – Land Survey Group

Written by Erin Brennan

July 29, 2016


Land Survey Group Inc. provides a complete range of Professional Land Surveying services from individual property surveys for home owners to large re-development projects for land developers and builders. Reliability, professional quality and cost-effectiveness are their hallmarks. Land Survey Group Inc. has been engaged with Third Octet Inc. since 2015 for procurement services and with another technology partner for services since 2012.


Land Survey Group Inc.’s team traditionally scales up in the warm months and down in the winter months so technology needs vary. Current solutions to provide services and support were inefficient, unresponsive, untimely and unable to scale up and down as needed. Furthermore, solutions to rectify issues, improve processes and operate more efficiently were never proactively proposed. As a result, Land Survey Group Inc. is looking to transition to a technology partner that will provide complete IT services in a collaborative manner.


Third Octet follows a proven six step methodology approach to determine the best solution for implementation and end user managed services, if required, for our clients.


For Land Survey Group Inc. and companies with similar needs, Third Octet has developed a new service offering which provides all-inclusive IT services and support – Collaborative Services. This collaborative approach to IT service delivery and support focuses on providing expertise and IT management without the worry of unexpected costs and accounting for anticipated growth. Furthermore, Collaborative Services simplifies the process of invoicing all IT services being delivered as a single line item, foregoing the piecework approach previously used. Third Octet collaborated with Land Survey Group Inc. to determine what solutions and service delivery model would ensure continuity, deliver efficiencies, and provide greater scalablity. Third Octet’s service delivery model for Land Survey Group Inc. includes a combination of managed, escalation and collaborative services for the existing infrastructures, including tiered escalation as well as proactive maintenance of the infrastructure, including considerations for new IT initiatives.


Collaborative and escalated technical support, proactive consultation and collaborative infrastructure management has enabled Land Survey Group Inc. to implement efficiencies. Improved processes has resulted in faster data availability. Staff is happier because they have reliable and timely support. Implementing an agile system enables them to scale up and scale down to accommodate seasonal workforces and only pay for services when they need it. Collaborative services enables them to budget effectively, relying on fixed user costs and no IT surprises.


Third Octet’s Collaborative Services is a good fit for our business. Their services provide protection, security and support whenever required, for a flat monthly fee. Our staff is pleased with the support. The level of support we receive is based on our needs, when we need it, and more importantly, they anticipate any issues or changes and address them beforehand so we function without any business interruptions. By being pro-active, the efficiency recommendations that have been implemented have impacted our bottom-line.

– Brad Warren, President, Land Survey Group

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