Financial Services Customer Story

Written by Erin Brennan

July 22, 2016


Our Financial Services client is one of the world’s largest investor and policyholder administration and transfer agency services solutions provider delivering support and service for banking, funds, platforms, retirement and insurance to 15 countries, 300+ financial clients and 46 million customer accounts across 15 countries. Market leading administration capabilities, long experience and proprietary technology platforms enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Our client believes their success lies in their ability to provide a great experience for all those with whom they come into contact – both organizations and end customers.


Our Financial Services client’s current solutions to seamlessly and quickly provide support and services to meet external business partners and employees growing disparate location needs were cumbersome, inefficient, lacked scalability, and reduced productivity, potentially impacting end customers. Costs to continually purchase and implement devices to meet partners and employees needs were ballooning. The challenge was to facilitate external access to our financial services client’s environment in order to develop new and improved current business applications and processes cost-effectively.


Third Octet follows a proven six step methodology approach to determine the best solution for implementation and end user managed services, if required, for our clients.


As award-winning proprietary technology platform and service providers, our client had internally developed a solution, however they were willing to explore improved solution capability. Third Octet collaborated with our client and aligned both companies’ skill-sets to determine what solutions would enhance and improve their provisioning services and provide greater scalablity. Third Octet proposed Citrix’s XenDesktop to centralize and optimize business partners and external/remote employees experiences and Citrix’s CloudBridge and NetScaler to optimize communication efficiency between locations, and provide secure load balance as customers grow. Locations were Mumbai, Bangalore and Thailand.


Implementing a centralized solution enables our client to efficiently and quickly deliver huge amounts of data securely and enable access anytime, anywhere on any device to business partners and external and remote employees at reduced, and more importantly, fixed costs. With the ability to quickly and efficiently scale across multiple locations at great distances and sustain business partners and end customers’ user experiences with the Citrix applications, the key objectives for our client’s provisioning services, our client is able to satisfy business customers’ business growth and nurture user experience, for increased customer satisfaction and business.

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