Not-for-Profit Customer Story – 360°kids

Written by Erin Brennan

July 21, 2016


360°kids is a not- for-profit organization. Their mission is to help isolated and vulnerable children, youth and families in the communities of York Region overcome adversity and crisis and to move to a state of safety, stability and well-being. Their vision is creating communities where Every Kid Matters, and feels safe, supported and loved. 360º kids presently serves over 1,300 families, and over 2,800 youth, each year from every corner of York Region and this number will grow significantly with their new Youth Hub facility in Richmond Hill. Staff represent many cultures and experiences and have earned a reputation as leaders in offering high quality, innovative programming to the people they serve.


360°kids originally began over 26 years ago as two separate agencies. These agencies were amalgamated in 1998 but retained 2 separate locations. Both locations utilized a number of different technology systems and data hubs that were disconnected and antiquated. Application and software installations, updates and upgrades were slow and cumbersome. Due to the nature of 360°kids community support, staff needed their systems to be agile to deliver relevant client and support services information in a timely manner. Unsatisfied with their current IT Managed Services provider’s support, 360°kids searched for other solutions.


Third Octet follows a proven six step methodology approach to determine the best solution for implementation and end user managed services, if required, for our clients.


In 2013, Third Octet designed and built a fully managed outsourced based client data platform then undertook a full migration of all client data and records to the client platform. Third Octet has been providing centralized Managed Services since implementation. In 2016, 360°kids moved both locations to the new Richmond Hill Youth Hub facility. As a result of their services being hosted and managed by Third Octet, Third Octet easily transitioned the IT infrastructure, desktop and phone system for over 50 users to the new location.


Not-for-profit organizations typically have limited budget and staff and want to focus resources on fundraising, program development and delivery. Centralizing secure client data and records enables 360°kids staff to access and deliver the appropriate support services to clients in a timely manner. Staff is happier because they are able to spend more time supporting kids rather than on slow data processes. Implementing an agile system empowers 360°kids to scale up and down to accommodate seasonal fundraising staff and only pay for services when they need it. Client platform managed services also enables them to budget effectively, relying on fixed IT user costs and no IT surprises.


 “Third Octet’s IT Managed Services provide excellent value and expertise. Many not-for-profit organizations do not have the financial resources to keep a qualified IT person on staff. Third Octet provides access to a very knowledgeable team at a fraction of the cost. Joe and the team have been very responsive, accommodating, and are always happy to help.

For 360°kids, there are no more concerns around hardware and software service, backups, maintenance or upgrades. From a financial perspective, the fixed monthly fee allows me to budget more accurately.

Finally, I have recently extended our Managed Services agreement with Third Octet to include internet and communications solutions as well as procurement of hardware, so they are our one-stop shop for everything IT related. “

Tracy Williams, CGA, CPA , Director of Finance, 360°kids


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