Third Octet Provides Perativ with Infrastructure Agility to Cost-Effectively Accelerate Cash Distribution with Microsoft Azure.

Written by Matthew Metelsky

April 15, 2020

“Azure is a big advantage for our growing business.” – Mark Pardy, Director of IT, Perativ


  • Time to value decreased from months to days.
  • Heightened security controls around access, confidentiality and integrity.
  • Increased business agility and market penetration.
  • A platform to support the demands of tomorrow.


The cost of cash distribution continues to rise while demand for cash has remained steady or declined, putting pressure on financial institutions to re-think traditional management of cash distribution networks to achieve breakthrough cost savings and value.  Perativ helps by eradicating bank silos, eliminating data lags and lowering cash distribution costs through a SaaS platform that combines analytics, AI automation and ATM operations to deliver new thinking on cash distribution for financial institutions.

Perativ’s solution drives down costs and delights customers with accessible cash.  Perativ is a proven platform that is actively driving savings on thousands of ATMs today.

PROBLEM – Geographical and Infrastructure Rigidity Inhibit Business Acceleration

Initially, Perativ leveraged a traditional multi-tier infrastructure for data warehousing and application delivery.  The infrastructure was nearing end-of-life and posed service challenges due to geographical locations and potential challenges around sustaining, and guaranteeing, infrastructure availability.  Platforms were dated, requiring extensive efforts to maintain and upgrade, putting scalability and availability at risk.  The cost considerations to relocate, replicate, scale and replace the infrastructure were complex, time-consuming and highly dependent on staff, which was relatively small and already carried demands from other business areas.

Security was also a demanding and critical aspect to ensuring confidentiality and integrity of data, driven not only by internal demand but also by service partner request.

Perativ, therefore, sought to transform their approach to service delivery to ensure the capabilities of the infrastructure were in line with the requirements defined by the organization, and by the businesses they served.

SOLUTION – Microsoft Azure

In 2019, Third Octet worked closely with Perativ to understand their existing pain points and short- and long-term business requirements, as well as the capabilities of their staff to align the most appropriate solution.  Third Octet decided Microsoft Azure IaaS and PaaS was the best approach, providing the most secure, flexible, and scalable platform to deliver Perativ’s solution stack.

Working closely with partners, including Ingram Micro, Microsoft, Cloudamize and CloudCheckr, Third Octet first conducted an Azure readiness assessment, analyzing infrastructure workloads to be transitioned to Azure and mapping cost implications to the overall solution.  Once workloads were understood, thorough reviews were conducted to identify areas of improvement and service amalgamation, and where to introduce new capabilities in order to minimize cloud spend and advance the benefits of cloud services.

Once Azure tenants were created and interconnectivity established, Third Octet built the Azure underpinnings and gradually transitioned workloads through Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, while converting database workloads to Azure PaaS, over a period of several weeks.

Post transition, additional capabilities of Azure were layered on top of this infrastructure to heighten security, including Azure Privileged Identity Management, MFA, Log Analytics and Recovery Services, as well as Microsoft 365.  Further, to ensure the continued success of the infrastructure, Perativ leveraged Third Octet’s Collaborative Services to provide overall and ongoing governance of the Azure platform.

BENEFITS – Less Complexity, Increased Scalability, Quick Time to Value

Perativ’s new Microsoft Azure platform minimizes infrastructure complexity and eliminates concerns around scalability, especially as Perativ explores additional routes to market as they continue to realize the minimal effort required to deploy services to support business strategy.  Ultimately, the Azure platform saves Perativ time, money and effort that can now be spent on advancing business towards new revenue streams and increased profitability.

Further, Perativ’s investment in Third Octet’s Collaborative (“Managed”) Services extends their wealth of expertise to ensure both reactive and proactive support envelopes the Azure platform, guaranteeing availability, scalability and security.

Fundamentally, Microsoft Azure and Third Octet assure Perativ by delivering a platform to support their business agility for today and tomorrow.

“Six months of strenuous capacity planning can now be completed in weeks, if not days.” – Mark Pardy, Director of IT

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