Save time, money and worries with IGEL OS.

Endpoints can be simple, secure, and flexible.

There is no denying that remote work is here to stay, for the foreseeable future at least. As IT leaders, we are now forced to understand how best to accommodate the continued demand for both a positive and reliable remote employee experience, while also being challenged with heightened security risks, spending constraints and reduced budgets. And perhaps you are also considering what to do with an upcoming desktop refresh, contemplating another year of extended Windows 7 support, struggling with existing hardware interoperability for you workspace investments, or just lost in the myriad of options out there.

Whatever your challenge, there is one option that can make life a heck of lot easier… for you, your IT department, your IT budget and, importantly, your end users.

Bring the power of Linux to your endpoints with IGEL OS.

Built on a highly secure Linux foundation, IGEL OS is a lightweight, modular endpoint operating system that is purpose-built for cloud and digital workspaces including Citrix Workspace, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Cloud PC, VMware, and Amazon.

Key Benefits

Simple.  Deploy within minutes, manage all your endpoints from a common place and reduce support tickets by up to 95%.

Smart.  Onboard new technologies in days, extend equipment life by years, and shift budget to growth by up to 60%.

Secure.  Secure your endpoints in minutes, reduce risk, and experience constant security without constant updates.

Use Cases

Work-from-Anywhere.  Although 2020 pushed many organizations to find viable work-from-home and remote work solutions, this trend started earlier and will continue. For many organizations, offering and enabling work-from-home solutions is no longer optional.  With IGEL, WFA is simple.

Shared Workspaces.  Workstations that are shared by many individuals or roaming environments where individuals frequently change devices present unique challenges for IT teams. Maintaining the correct image, applications, and security settings for each role—on top of attempting to accommodate individual settings—is difficult and time-consuming.  With IGEL, shared workspaces are smart.

Endpoint Security.  Most malware enters at the network edge through Internet connections or devices like USB sticks. Windows remains the most vulnerable, notorious attack target for hackers, and security remains a top concern for organizations worldwide.  With IGEL, endpoints are secure.

PC Refresh.  Refreshing old PCs every 3-4 years to meet the minimum performance requirements for modern software is a disruptive and costly process. This need is also widespread— impacting virtually all industries.  With IGEL, PC refreshes are simple and smart.

BYOD.  Enabling a BYOD or UYOD strategy with IGEL is quick and easy to deploy, even remotely.  Any compatible x86-64 device—on the corporate network or remote—can be set up in minutes. IGEL’s UD Pocket, a highly portable USB stick solution, enables workers to temporarily turn their device of choice into an IGEL OS-powered endpoint. They simply plug it into their device and then connect to the IGEL Cloud Gateway via the Internet and they are up and running!

Go BYOD Chip Shortage Citrix + IGEL = Perfect Partners

IGEL UD Pocket

Flexible deployment options.

The multitude of deployment options provides flexibility unlike any other.  Whether converting existing x86-64 devices permanently or temporarily to purpose-built hardware form factors, IGEL OS remains as flexible as the fluid business.

IGEL + Lenovo

As part of the IGEL Ready Program, you can now choose Lenovo form factors as your endpoint hardware of choice.

See just how easy it is!

What endpoint security pains are you dealing with?

#1 “Best security and optimal user experience is our business need. What I have is driving me and my users crazy. Arrgh!”

#2 “Constant patching sucks! It’s a waste of my time and bad practice… I’m a winner. So show me what a winning endpoint security solution looks like.”

#3 “I want to stop wasting time and money on endpoint security. I need to focus on my other priorities. Give me stress-free endpoint security. So I can chill…. fast!”


IGEL Elite PartnerBreak from the endless cycle of desktop refreshes and increase both endpoint security and employee experience.  Trust us and IGEL.

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