Cloud Journey #6: Cloud Desktops

Written by Erin Brennan

May 28, 2020

You’ve arrived.

Once you’ve moved your files and applications to the cloud and are reaping the rewards, you’re ready for cloud desktops (sometimes called ‘virtual desktops’ or ‘hosted desktops’).

A desktop constitutes all the things that load when you fire up your PC: the operating system (the latest version of Windows), all your applications and all your files. In short, it’s your whole computer – as you’ve personally set it up – presented on any device you happen to have. And once you get your users’ desktops to the cloud, you’ve pretty much become a cloud company, with little or no in-house infrastructure to buy, manage, maintain or secure.

The Benefits of Cloud Desktops

Cloud desktops offer all the benefits listed under cloud file sharing and cloud applications, but with even greater returns:

  • Simplify your entire IT estate – Truly get out of the IT business so you can focus all your energy on your customers and your staff.
  • Centralize and outsource IT management – We run your whole tech stack for you – updating and securing everything, backing it up and supporting your users, saving you both time and money.
  • Transition easily to Windows 10 – Virtual desktops make the transition super simple, with no disruption to your users or the business (and no going around installing Windows one PC at a time).
  • Give secure access to from anywhere – Even if someone loses their PC, there’s nothing to steal from it, so there’s no security breach. Just give them a replacement – and their personal desktop is there, ready for action.

You are Ready!

In the past, making changes to your business IT systems was a recipe for pain and disruption.

With the cloud, the opposite is true. When you move from a high-maintenance model to a no-maintenance model, everything gets easier, faster and more flexible.  That’s why so many businesses – of all sizes and across all industries – are accelerating their journeys to the cloud.  Each step of your cloud journey pays for itself; in business benefits, security and real, hard savings.

Time to Talk.

When you work with us, we’ll collaborate to plan the right journey at the right pace for your business.  We already do it for companies just like yours and we’re ready to do it for you.

  • We’ll take the time to get to know you
  • Design your best path
  • Take away all the deployment and management hassles
  • Report regularly on how everything is working
  • Support your users
  • And keep your systems up to date – always

So you and your team can focus on better, more strategic things – like driving growth, increasing profit, and enjoying life.

Let’s Talk

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