Part 1: The Start of your Journey to Cloud

Written by Erin Brennan

February 27, 2020

In most markets, big businesses used to hold all the cards.  They had economies of scale, they had money to invest in R&D and growth, and they had the best, most advanced IT systems to automate and streamline their processes.

Today, a major revolution is turning this trend upside-down, as smaller companies disrupt whole markets, building amazing businesses and terrifying the big incumbents.  The pattern has repeated itself again and again and there’s no secret to it anymore.  The driver behind this change is out there for all to see – new ideas and new technology, all powered by the cloud.

The Equalizer.

Today, every business – regardless of size – has access to incredibly agile, easy-to-deploy, secure and affordable IT.  In fact, small and mid-sizes companies actually have a big advantage over big businesses whose legacy IT systems are holding them back.  They are rushing to the cloud too, but it’s a lot harder for them.

Take it slow.

It’s easy for pure start-ups who can move all of their IT to the cloud from day one (as many do).  But if you’re running an existing company – no matter what size – you have to take it one step at a time, in a sensible, systematic way that fits your business.

This series is about your own cloud journey and how to get the many benefits of cloud. But mark our word, do it only where it makes sense, at a comfortable pace to minimize risk, internal disruption, and importantly, cost.  And, of course, we are ready to help.

ASIDE – Don’t go alone.

Just because a lot of cloud applications and services are self-service, doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. There’s a lot to figure out as you move more and more of your IT to the cloud. Thankfully, there’s also a lot of help available. Look for a local IT service provider who can offer you expert guidance and manage cloud-based services for you.  Spoiler alert: you just found one!

Join us as we start your Cloud Journey.


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